How to Turn Average Customers into Raving Fans

Do you want to turn your customers into enthusiastic brand advocates? Read on for simple tips on how to create delightful experiences for your customers.

You already offer remarkable support to your customers, so any potential issues that arise are handled efficiently and effectively. So, you’re good – right?

Even though your customers are happy with your product and service, you can still go the extra mile if you’re willing.

Delighting your customers will help you build stronger relationships, turning your average customers into actively engaged promoters of your business. They’re the ones who not only sing your praises, but they’re also shouting your name from rooftops to the world. And it’s not difficult to transform your customers into brand advocates at all.

Here are five ways to help you get started:

1. Make a Great First Impression

Your parents probably told you first impressions were pretty important – and they were right! You always want to put your best foot forward when customers come knocking, which is why you should make it ridiculously easy for them to get in touch with you. That way, they’ll be able to reach out and get started.

Once you’ve unlocked that achievement, start thinking about what makes your company stand out. Zappos, for example, has a number of features that make them a popular option for those looking to purchase shoes. From free shipping on all purchases to impeccable support and free returns – the list goes on.

Make sure you’re not only communicating these features of your business, but living them out every day. When you do, it’ll encourage more of your customers to leave positive reviews online, which might sway new people to engage with your business as well.

Another way to make a great first impression is by connecting with your audience on social media. Get involved in the conversation your customers are having. When you’re more invested, they will be, too.

Untappd, for example, is a fun social media platform for craft beer drinkers. Recently many breweries have realized the potential for customer interaction and hopped on. It may seem like a small gesture, but having them cheers the beer that you’re drinking leads to a more personal connection.

2. Provide Incentives

Creating a remarkable experience for your customers may seem difficult at first, but providing a small gift might help get the ball rolling. Could an eBook or coupon code help sweeten the pot? Absolutely. Your customers will be more likely to sign up if they’re getting something extra in return.

Pro Tip: Provide incentives for your prospective customer when they sign up. You’ll be surprised how far a small gift can go.

Swag is also a great way to acknowledge your awesome customers and make them feel valued. If a customer can’t stop talking about how great you are, whether it’s through social media or referrals, say thank you.

Here at AWeber, we’re are all about the swag. If a particular interaction really knocks our socks off, you can be sure that something fun is on the way (sometimes it’s actual socks, because you know, they were knocked off).

3. Be Responsible for the Entire Experience

Always remember that your customers made a choice, and they chose you! So, consider the ways you can go above and beyond for them and reward their loyalty. Not only will they feel appreciated, they’ll be reminded of why they picked you in the first place. A simple thank you message can go a long way towards letting your customers know you appreciate their business.

And of course, commit to providing remarkable support so they can get help whenever they need it. Just remember, keep it simple, timely and concise, and you’ll do fine.

If you find that a certain customer is really going the extra mile (think rooftop shouting), consider ways you can thank them for it. Try spotlighting a current customer on your blog (these stories are great customer testimonials!), or giving them a shoutout on Facebook or Twitter. Just remember to ask before sharing their stories – some people might not want the public acknowledgement.

4. Win Back Those Who Leave

It’s not something any of us wants to hear, but there will be times when your customers will want to do business elsewhere. If you find that your customers are leaving, it helps to ask them why. Their feedback can be used to make your business better.

Pro Tip: Send out a survey whenever anyone is leaving your service – they’ll provide the most honest feedback.

If the customer leaving has been with you for a while, consider ways you might be able to win them back. Would discounted service or a credit entice them back into the fold?

If that doesn’t work, it’s important to let go and say your goodbyes. Don’t be the clingy ex; sometimes people need to go off in their own directions.

5. Measure Their Delight

So how can you tell if you’re delighting your customers? If you’re doing a stellar job across the board, you’ll notice it in business growth.

But, if you’d like something a bit more concrete, many businesses will measure their Net Promoter Score (NPS). This metric is tracked by asking your customers one simple question:

How likely are you to recommend [your business name here] to a friend or colleague?

Your customers are then broken down into three groups: promoters (someone who actively promotes your business), neutrals (someone who uses or engages with your business, but doesn’t promote you) and detractors (someone who actively speaks out against your business).

This kind of information is super handy, as it provides concrete information that can help you gauge how your customers really feel about you. You can look for patterns as you peruse their replies, and focus on ways to improve on anything that stands out. If your detractors repeatedly complain about an issue they’re having with one of your products, you’d definitely want to look into ways to change it.

Continue the Conversation

Your customers are the people who stand behind your business. As Bette Midler says, they are “the wind beneath your wings,” so be sure to give them the remarkable experience they deserve.

What are you doing to create delightful experiences for your customers? Tell us in the comments!

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  5. Sam Hollis

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    Hey Craig! When sending out the NPS survey, I would try and sample people who are new to your service as well as established customers. In this way you’ll be able to capture information on a more representative group.

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