5-Minute Email Tips: Using Color and Content in Your Emails

Are you creating your emails on autopilot? Get inspired to build engaging emails in the first installment of our newest blog series, 5-Minute Email Tips.

Some days, there just isn’t enough time in the world to craft the perfect email.

You’re busy managing every other aspect of your business and, well, life in general – so we get it. But if you find that you’ve been using the same old visuals, themes and content ideas over and over again, it might be time for a light refresh to liven up your emails.

There are tons of possibilities when it comes to crafting awesome emails, and you don’t need a lot of time to start making small improvements here and there. That’s why we decided to start this blog series – 5-Minute Email Tips – to help you identify all of the simple ways you can create emails your audience will love.

For today, we’re focusing on how to use color and content to engage your subscribers. Let’s get started!

Get Creative

When your brand image is consistent across your website, blog, email, business cards, etc., it makes it easier for your audience to recognize that each one comes from your business. Not only does this create an enjoyable user experience, it also helps your audience better connect with your brand.

To do so, choose a color scheme for your emails that matches your brand (i.e., logo, website, etc.). Stick to a color palette of a few colors and use them throughout your message where appropriate. From button colors to images, all should cohesively blend together.

And if you’re an AWeber customer, you now have the ability to change the background color of plain HTML emails for an even stronger impact:


Pro Tip: If you change the background color, make sure your text is still easy to read. Do a Color Contrast Check to test your colors!

Consider the Length of Your Content

We often get questions from our customers about the ideal length of an email.

Our rule of thumb for most emails: keep them short and sweet.

After running an A/B split test on one of our own emails, we found that the click-through rates for the shorter email was 29 percent higher than the longer one.

Shorter emails are perfect for busy subscribers and those who might be reading your messages on the go. Have a lot you want to share with your subscribers? Consider ways you can share a few things in different emails over a longer period of time. Otherwise, you run the risk of overwhelming your readers, which can cause them to miss an important message in your email.

Include Engaging Content

In addition to the content you write in your emails, you should also consider the type of content you’re linking to.

Content shouldn’t be treated as a “one size fits all” solution, so include a variety of types to engage customers that have different preferences for consuming content. From PDF guides to videos to blog posts, the more you provide your audience to read, view and hear, the more they’ll engage with your emails.

In another A/B split test, we looked into whether our audience preferred consuming educational materials in a short blog post or a longer piece of content in the form of a PDF guide. The results? The guide performed eight times better than the blog post – which means our subscribers can expect to see more of them in their inbox in the future. ☺

Pro Tip: A short email that links to longer content is a great recipe for a winning email!

Split Test All the Things!

Not sure if your readers will like the changes you make to your emails? Run an A/B split test and create two emails (one that has the change and one that doesn’t) to see which version they prefer.

To ensure the results of the test accurately reveal whether the change increased subscriber engagement, test one item at a time. After a few weeks, check your analytics to see which message performed better, or if there wasn’t much of a difference at all.

Start Creating AWesome Emails

Building an engaging email takes time and practice. Try using some of the tips above in your emails and see what works best for you and your audience. Have other ideas for creating compelling emails? Share them with us in the comments below!



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