3 Tips to Optimize Your Email Landing Pages

Magnified URL AddressThe success of our email marketing campaigns does not rely entirely on the success of our email.

What I mean is, if the goal of our email is not only to drive traffic to our websites but ultimately to convert that traffic into sales, our websites need to do their jobs too.

Email tracking and analytics let us know how our emails are performing. In order to make sure our marketing campaigns are performing as we’d hope as a whole, we’ll also want to take a look at the web pages we send our subscribers to.

Make Sure Your Web Pages Work, Not Just the Links

Before we send our email messages, we should always test them. In doing so, one of the things we’re looking for is working links.

This entails clicking on each link in a message to make sure the correct web page opens properly in a browser. If they do, we tend to close the browser window and move on to the next step in our sending routines.

But wait! Here are 3 other things we should look for before we close out the window:

One or More Clear Calls to Action

Dead ends are always bad when it comes to conversions. Do your emails’ landing pages clearly prioritize where what the subscriber should do once they click through and browse through the first page they see? Or, do they have to really think through what options there are for action?

Something Valuable the Email Didn’t Provide

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with re-purposing content from our websites for email. But if our emails link to pages that don’t really provide anything new and valuable, our subscribers are more likely to close out the window than do anything else on the site..

Analytics Tracking

OK, so this is something subscribers won’t actually see, but if you’ve read to the third tip in this article, you’re clearly interested in the performance of your web pages. The best way to get actionable insight is to install an analytics software on your website.

If you have one and have not yet integrated it with your email marketing campaign, take the small amount of time it takes and do so.

More In-Depth Tips on Landing Page Optimization

Our web pages are an integral part of our email campaigns, even though they’re found in the web browser and not the inbox. They’re something we shouldn’t forget while we’re working on our campaigns.

For more tips on optimizing them, check out some of the free resources over at Marketing Experiments Journal. On their site you’ll find archived reports and opportunities to sit in on live seminars with experts on the topic.


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  3. Peg Davis

    2/21/2008 11:18 am


    Thanks for referring your readers to our free marketing experiments research archive at: http://www.marketingexperiments.com/research-topics/research_archive.html

    We also welcome all marketers and online business owners to our free bi-weekly Web clinics, where Dr. Flint McGlaughlin reviews our latest marketing research case studies. There is a sign-up form on our site.

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    […] 3 Tips to Optimize Your Email Landing Pages. Pretty common sense stuff, but it’s amazing how rare ‘common’ sense is. […]

  5. nina

    2/24/2008 2:44 pm

    Thanks for the info and reminders. Can anyone share how they use video on their landing pages? What works for you and what doesn’t? Thanks!

  6. Lee

    2/25/2008 10:41 pm


    I use videos throughout my entire process:

    salespages (product demo & "wet their appetite" videos),
    email marketing ("wet their appetite" videos),
    subscriber pages (split-testing video vs text & video looks promising),
    product download pages (how to unzip files, how to use products, etc.),
    and bonus product pages (my thank you for your business videos).

    I repurpose my demo videos and my "how to" videos… throughout the process. It’s really helping ease support questions, has brought numerous compliments, and is a great lead-in to "video related" affiliate upsells.

    All my customers want to know how to do this, that & the other with videos.

    Hope this helps.

    PS – All of my product demo & "wet their appetite" videos also utilize the magic optin form technology… that shows my optin forms at the end of the video. Feel free to contact me with questions about using your optin forms at the end of the video.

  7. Nina

    2/26/2008 11:54 pm

    Thanks, Lee. I have no idea how to email you directly, but I appreciate the offer.

    Please elaborate: > what do you mean by "I repurpose my demo videos…"?
    > how do you include videos in email marketing? (I would like to do this, but apparently you need to email a link to another page where the video awaits because aweber won’t let you attach them)
    > not sure what you mean about how you use video with product download pages and bonus product pages

    Thanks for sharing, Lee!!!

  8. Rob

    2/28/2008 9:51 am

    My e-mails have always pointed to the home page, but I guess I’ll have to look a bit harder at how to link relevant content to the message being delivered. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Will Kenny

    3/8/2008 10:11 am

    Would anybody else find it useful if you could set up your followup message #1, which sends them to a postconfirmation page on your site (if you wish), so that it went to a different page, or contained different information, based on, say, an ad tracking code?

    Here’s what I would like to do: I have identical-looking signup forms on two different pages in my site, say, with different ad codes attached. If you sign up from Page A, with code A, you get one message and pointed to postconfirmation page 1. If you sign up from B, the message you get is slightly different — "I see you are interested in my B services" — and you go to postconfirmation page 2.

    The aweber folks have suggested that I just set up a separate list for each ad code. But I don’t want to create a new list every time I want to send out a message to part of the list, or split test in some way.

    We can set up views, based on fields, for sending a broadcast to part of the list. I’d like follow ups to work the same way. Ideally, I might set up message #1 to have two different versions, dependingon your sign up code, but then message #2 would be the same for everyone, and so on.

    It would make it possible to customize the autoresponder messages a good deal more, in one list. Changing the series of messages they get would only require changing the value in a field, not maintaining a separate list.

  10. nina

    3/9/2008 11:29 pm

    Will Kenny,
    I’m not sure that this is a landing page optimization issue, per se, but I agree with you. There should be some simpler systems in place so that we are not recreating copy unnecessarily. Keep up the optimal thoughts

  11. Michael D Price

    4/8/2008 11:26 pm

    Your landing page should give very specific instructions on how to confirm their request.

    I even created a script specifically for aweber customers which allow them to create customized landing page confirmation and/or whitelisting instruction based on what email provider they signed up with.

    I know I have seen a dramatic change in my confirmation rates by using this technique.

  12. Paul

    4/9/2008 11:44 am


    Good point.

    I’m finding more and more site visitors must be living on other planets.

    Never assume anyone knows how to whitelist without giving clear instructions.

    I’m not sure you need this for every email account, but we all pretty well know the main ones. (ie: gmail, yahoo… etc)

    I would be interested in your script.

  13. Guido Mueller

    4/22/2008 1:50 pm


    I always wonder if this "whitelist" explanations make a difference or not in your email confirmation rate.

    I find those annoying. But your told that it helped you, so I have to think this over for my new projects.

    I always use the ‘thank you page’ as additional sales page for my offer, additionally explaining where to look out for my mail, but not giving specific instructions how to whitelist my email.

    To increase verification rate I give there the bonus, and offer a additional bonus after the guy verifiyed the email, that help as well.


  14. Marc Kline

    4/22/2008 2:30 pm


    The approach you took in your response to Michael is very telling, and I’m glad you share it here because it highlights something important: "I find these annoying, but you told it helped you, so…".

    Of course, all of our subscribers bases are different, and I feel like a broken record for saying this so often but "we are not our subscribers".

    The only way to know whether something that works well for one person will work well for our subscribers is to run a controlled experiment. The best way is with a split test, and the thank you page is something you can easily split test with your web forms.

    Here’s a link to keep handy. The split testing how-to in our Knowledge Base:


  15. Michael D Price

    4/22/2008 3:04 pm


    Yes, it is true, this can be annoying if not done right, and another truth is that, no matter what you say or how you display it many people will not whitelist you.

    Maybe I could clarify that, I am not actually using my script to display whitelisting instructions, but it is more on confirmation instructions, and to go even deeper, I, personally am using video to show my subscribers how to confirm their email address.

    By using a video on your subscription thank you page, not only can you show them exactly how to confirm their address but how to whitelist your email address as well.

    What I did was create screen shot videos (camtasia) of logging into their email account, finding the exact confirmation email, by focusing on the sender name and the email subject, opening the email and clicking on the confirmation link.

    I created a video for each major email provider, Aol, Gmail, Windows Live, Yahoo, and a default outlook express.

    Currently my list is running a confirmation rate of about 90%!!!
    And that of course is also including bogus emails.

    I think that the most effective aspect of my whitelist/confirmation instruction video’s is the fact that once the video plays to the end, I automatically open a new window, and it opens their web based email client for them!

    This way, their email client is already open, thus eliminating the urge to procrastinate on finding and opening the confirmation email.

    I am currently offering this script for free at my website http://whitelistwiz.com.

    By downloading the free copy you can also see my instruction video as well, as part of the optin process.

    I hope it helps you in your email marketing campaigns.

  16. Asim Bawany

    8/15/2010 11:03 am

    Again, I found this post with a search in the help section. I found it because I was looking for help on exactly what Will Kenny says. I have multiple places where I am adding people to the same list. I am getting them in on my list with a very targeted web form for each page and I want the first message to continue that conversation from the webform but I couldn’t find anything that would let me do that.

    Doing an exactly same newsletter series all over again for each form will be a HUGE waste of time! we need the ability to send out different confirm optin and 1st messages to people opting in at different pages.

  17. Amanda Gagnon

    8/16/2010 8:30 am

    Asim ~ You can create and use as many forms as you want for the same list. Then people can sign up in different places, and still get all the same messages.

    Just make sure you’re in the list you want when you create the form.

  18. Asim Bawany

    8/16/2010 8:51 am

    @Amanda, thats not what I am need help on.

    What I need is to be able to give each different optin form a separate confirm optin message and the 1st followup message which are highly targeted to how I have them opting in… Anyways, I figured out a shorter way with the use of campaign sharing.

  19. keskous abdelali

    5/5/2011 11:05 pm

    AWeber….Look look IT’s the future

  20. Rasmus Nielsen

    8/12/2011 6:16 am

    Do you have any tips on creating landing pages in wordpress?

  21. Nica Mandigma

    9/6/2014 12:45 pm

    #2 tip is so valuable. I subscribe to a lot of bloggers and I sometimes hate it when they are just rephrasing what’s in the blog post they want to drive traffic to in their email. Worse, they do it for every single blog post. If that is all they want, better to do a monthly digest of all posts and not promote every single post each week. If they want to promote a single post, it better be GREAT!