Where is YOUR YouTube Channel?

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It should come as no surprise that YouTube is one of the most effective marketing platforms on the web…yes, marketing! When used properly, it is possible to get anywhere from dozens to hundreds of thousands of viewers on any given day.

Comscore revealed that YouTube has reached 100 million viewers. In addition to this, in January 2009, 147 million U.S. internet users watched an average of 101 videos per person.

These astounding numbers mean one thing: You should get involved! Viewers can become customers in no time and with YouTube channels, prospects and customers alike can visit you, your company, and your products or services at any time.

Once you have created your own YouTube channel, a world of possibilities opens up to you.

How Would This Benefit You?

By creating your own YouTube channel, you’ll be free to create your own video marketing presentation. People will see your videos in the manner, and order, you want them to be seen.

Other potential benefits of a YouTube channel are:

  • Viral Appeal – If someone likes your videos, they can embed that video into their own site. This will allow your videos to spread on their own. I have used this method dozens of times.
  • Branding – Your videos are shown in a format that can assume the look and feel of your entire site
  • Audience – Your videos are reaching a new audience of people who may never have been exposed to your product or service otherwise.
  • Social Media Variety – You are adding yet another level to your social media base, making your overall “portfolio” even more dynamic.
  • Reference – When you refer someone to your YouTube channel they have your entire library of videos to choose from. This adds great value to your campaign if your videos contain useful marketing information.

The benefits of a custom channel are crystal clear, so let’s see what it takes to get one up and running.

Your Channel in the Making

Making your own YouTube channel really allows you to spread your wings of creativity, and share your information to your subscribers in a different way.

You have a tremendous amount of freedom and can customize the following:

  • URL – Your YouTube channel URL can be customized to fit your marketing campaign or site. For example, if you were promoting email marketing, your URL could look like:


  • Template and Appearance – You can use a pre-made YouTube template, or customize your own. I suggest creating your own to add an extra element of creativity.
  • Playlists – This feature is so important. You can make playlists of videos that can all be viewed together with one click. This enables you to group videos together so they are specific to a particular topic.
  • Search Options – You can use tags and keywords in your channel to optimize searches for your particular product or subject. This makes your channel and videos much easier to find.
  • There are more options you have when creating your YouTube channel. For an in depth tutorial on creating one, I suggest watching this video on How to Create a YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channels in Action

I have seen some very creative YouTube Channels. Instead of talking about them, I would like for you to take some time and study a few of them.

Here are some great examples:

YouTube has a blog that they regularly post video information and related news to. I suggest you check it out.

If variety’s the very spice of life, then you should season up your campaign with you own YouTube channel. It will add depth, creativity and value to your overall campaign!

I can’t wait to see yours!

Happy Marketing!