Affiliates, Are You Forgetting Restaurants?

Elegant Plate of Pasta

Search engines are quickly replacing the Yellow Pages as the way people look for restaurants, stores and local entertainment. Typically, restaurants are the third most highly searched business category in any local market.

Unfortunately, some restaurant owners and managers aren’t aware of this change and how it will impact their business in the long run.

The restaurant niche is ideal for marketing AWeber. There are many restaurants not taking advantage of email marketing, and it’s your job to find them, and tell them what
they are missing

7-10 restaurants said they are actively looking to build some kind of email database

– (National Restaurant News)

Ok Then, Why Should Restaurants Use AWeber?

Any restaurant owner wants to know exactly how they are going to get more people into seats, bottom line. So you should be prepared to explain exactly how email marketing with AWeber can help them fill their tables.

Some of the advantages a restaurant can gain by using our service:

  • Follow up with first-time visitors for feedback and repeat business
  • Communicate regularly with loyal patrons
  • Announce specials and events to all subscribers
  • Build a list of subscribers who sign up for more information from their web site
  • Analyze data to see which campaigns are working better than others

I am sure you can come up with many more ways marketing with AWeber can benefit local restaurants. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and share your ideas with us!

How Can I Effectively Market AWeber to Restaurants?

I am glad you asked.

Although many restaurants do have websites, many do not have an email marketing campaign in place. You can contact them to see if they would like to discuss optimizing their marketing campaign and how AWeber can help.

The first place to begin marketing is your favorite restaurants. If you visit them regularly, you can make a casual contact and ask to talk to the owner or manager. You can then compliment them on their service and ask them if you can help them get more business via email marketing.

Also talk to your friends, family and associates to see what their favorite restaurants are and why. A follow up via email or phone call would be appropriate in this case. You can then talk about AWeber and offer to send them more information about our service.

Remember, as with any email marketing campaign, send information only to those who have specifically asked for it. If you are unsure of what this entails, please refer to AWeber’s Anti Spam Policy or fee free to contact us.

Do You Have Any Materials I Can Market With?

We have many resources for restaurants to use. They are designed to help them better understand email marketing and how to utilize our marketing tools.

Feel free to refer them to any of these articles. They are designed to help restaurants take their business to the next level.

Beyond Coupons – How to use email marketing to reduce advertising costs and raise profits.
Meet the Chef – Have your restaurant’s biggest asset greet each of your customers without depleting their time for cooking.
Why Aren’t Customers Returning? – Discussion on the importance of consistency for building a regular customer base.
Two Steps to Better Service – How effectively collecting feedback from customers can help you improve your business.
Restaurant List-Building Ideas – Where and when can you get email subscribers?

Seeing is Believing

Here are some examples to restaurants who successfully use AWeber to market their business. They make great use of our web forms as well as autoresponder and broadcast messages.

You can use the previous examples to get a better understanding of online restaurant marketing. Also, feel free to show your potential purchasers these sites in order to give them real life examples of effective restaurant email marketing.

If you have any creative ideas you want to share or need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information on email marketing for restaurants, view our complete Email Marketing for Restaurants Guide.

In the meantime, Happy Marketing!