A Farewell to 2013: 2014, Bring It On

A Farewell to 2013

– 2014, Bring It On –

We have sticky notes stuck all over the walls. We have lists of customers queued up to talk to. We have new processes in place to innovate faster and better.

2013 was a building year, a gathering year, one that positioned us for a strong launch in 2014. That said, we accomplished plenty to celebrate along the way:

We got to help you connect with new followers.

We rescued 443,174 stray subscriptions with our sign up form spellchecker.

We sent out 12 Holiday Inn marketing gifts to help you grow.

We hand-delivered 80 Small Business Saturday Action Plans.

We found out more about what you need.

We collected 37,929 of your opinions from surveys.

We shared screens with 97 of you to find your pain points.

We created 3 detailed personas to represent our biggest groups of customers.

We made AWeber better for you.

We brought on 34 new team members to help.

We gave your accounts a slight facelift to put the options you want right on the front page.

We made importing your subscribers faster and easier.

We adjusted reports to deal with Gmail’s new image caching.

We opened up unlimited image hosting in your personal galleries.

We welcomed 3,171 new integrations.

We kept it clean.

100% of our non-recyclable waste was sent to a waste-to-energy plant.

100% of our waste cooking oil was processed into bio-diesel.

100% of our electricity was from renewable sources, such as wind.

We prevented 557.1 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted.

Add it up, and we earned a LEED Gold certification for our building.

We took breaks for fun.

We partied on a boat (thank you, Spirit of Philadelphia).

We partied on a train through the countryside (happy anniversary!).

We shot 49,386 Nerf darts (approximately).

We played 313 games of volleyball. (Which means we drank 2,910 bottles of Gatorade.)

We did it up healthy

We ate 300 lbs. of organic, locally grown greens.

We ate 260 lbs. of locally grown mushrooms.

We ate 780 lbs of bananas.

And to keep it balanced, we ate 1,248 pizzas.

Thank you, AWeber chefs!

We gave back in our backyard.

We worked on 2 local events with the United Way.

We played in the Lemon Bowl for the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. (Practices: 0.5. Games won: 1. Money raised $15,000. Touchdown.)

We stuffed 350 backpacks for local schoolchildren.

We collected 2,500 pounds of food for 27 food pantries in our area.

We answered any questions you had.

We responded to 195,440 email queries.

We shared 125 blog posts to assist with your marketing strategy.

We talked to you on the phone 151,698 times.

We chatted live with you 46,422 times.

And this year, we’re doing even more. We have big plans for 2014. We’re two weeks in, and already we can’t wait to tell you what’s going on behind the scenes.

So, Happy New Year. Let’s make something awesome together.