AWeber Core Values

AWeber Core ValuesOver the last 10 years a lot has changed at AWeber.

Our team has grown by leaps and bounds, we’ve released hundreds of new features embraced by thousands of people around the world and our computer monitors went from small CRTs to fancy flat screens bigger then my first TV.

However, one thing has not changed and that are the values we’ve used to serve customers. We feel these represent what we need to do in order to make AWeber exceed your – and our own – expectations.

I thought you might like to see what helps to steer us as an organization.

1. Be Remarkable; Over-Deliver Value In All That We Do.

It’s easy enough to say you are remarkable.

To actually achieve that, to provide a remarkable experience to over 48,000 customers beyond what they might expect or even hope for, is our favorite challenge.

Any decision we make – from developing a new feature to the smallest tweak in the control panel – starts with the same question:

Will this over-deliver value in a way that will benefit our customers?

We truly hope we’re able to accomplish this each and every day.

2. Be Open, Courteous, and Considerate To All.

This is not only a saying but truly a way of life. Our office simply wouldn’t have the family feel that it does today if we didn’t feel this way.

3. Continually Innovate.

AWeber was built on a foundation of innovation.

We were the first to provide automated email follow up services and since then we have continued to lead the industry with new features and enhancements to our service.

However, we rely on our customers’ suggestions to provide the type of service you need and want.

4. Create a Collaborative Environment.

We work in an office with not only an open door policy but a “come talk to me whenever you need to” policy.

We try to avoid the typical cubicle environment, instead adopting an open arrangement that encourages each team member to interact and work with others.

5. Foster Camaraderie and Mutual Respect.

With the open culture here at AWeber, it’s only natural that we should encourage a natural environment of camaraderie.

This is evident just by walking around the office and seeing people working on a project together, discussing an idea in line for lunch or just sitting on the couch working on the next big feature release.

6. Encourage Continual Education and Improvement.

Everyone on our team strives to learn something new each and everyday.

Sometimes that involves just talking to team members and customers. Often, it involves attending an outside conference.

Throughout the year, members of our team can be found at various conferences and seminars around the country. This list includes (but is certainly not limited to) OSCON, Big Seminar, Underground Seminar, Affiliate Summit, PodCamp, The Future of Web Design and other seminars.

7. Treat Each Customer As If They Are Our Only Customer.

We pride ourselves on providing not just “great” support, but world class, knock your socks off support.

(Don’t worry – we try and give you a new pair when this happens).

We want to make sure that each person who contacts us has an experience they can feel good about and that sticks with them.

8. Establish Long Term Customer Relationships.

Many customers using AWeber today have been with us since we started in 1998.

But we don’t take this for granted. We know it takes hard work and commitment to detail in order to earn and keep your business.

9. Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously; Have Fun.

We believe that hard work should be matched with a lot of fun. This is why we have established a culture that is different then most corporations.

Just walking through our office you can see the difference – whether it’s the XBOX and Wii playing on the projection screen TV, the random Nerf fights that spontaneously break out, or our team-building events (like outings to Hershey Park, or go-kart racing competitions).

We Aim To Understand What Our Customers Are All About. Hopefully This Helps You Understand What We’re All About, Too.

The concept of core values is not new. It’s embraced by innovative companies looking to better their users’ experiences at every opportunity.

Companies such as Zappos, Whole Foods Market and even Google publish core values on their website and try to follow them daily.

We hope that by publishing ours here, we give a peek into the way things work around here, and show you how important you, our customer, are to AWeber and the individuals behind it.

This list of our core values was put together by our entire team, and we all keep a copy within eyesight on our desks. It is a constant reminder that we are not like everyone else, and neither are our customers. We want everyone who interacts with us to feel our commitment to their individual success – every day.