social media

Marketing to the Millennial Generation

By Rebekah Henson

Is email dead to Generation Y? Will social media murder your campaign? Not really. It’s not a question of email surviving social networks. It’s about how your email campaign will adapt to new ways of communicating preferred by younger generations.

The Pros and Cons of Google+ for Your Email Campaign

By Rebekah Henson

There are plenty of conflicting opinions out there about how Google+ compares to existing social networks. Google+ is a brand new social network that’s been generating some online buzz for several weeks now. As it gets closer to a public release, it’s time to start thinking about how Google+ might fit into your online marketing mix.

Facebook Deals: A Good Deal for Email Marketers

By Crystal Gouldey

Have you heard the news? Facebook will soon offer a service called Facebook Deals. What is it? If Facebook and Groupon had a love child, Facebook Deals is how you’d describe it. We already know that social media and email marketing work well together, so we’re very excited to see how well Facebook Deals ties into this. Want to know why this is something you should be excited about for your campaign?