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Email Strategy: When The Government Shuts Down

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 10/03/2013

Using news stories to guide email content demands a very important balance between sending relevant, interesting messages and capitalizing on an unfortunate situation. The simple rule of thumb: If the news isn’t positive, do not try to make a sale. Take the recent government shutdown, for example. Everyone is hearing about it, discussing it and […]

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Take Your Business to Social Media: Download the Free Guide

Posted by AWeber Team on 09/26/2013

So you’ve decided it’s time to bring your business to social media. Like many people wanting to try something new, you’re probably unsure where to start. And with so many social media sites calling for your attention, and new ones popping up all the time, it can be overwhelming to pick one and figure out […]

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Get Your Audience Excited: How To Really Wow Them

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 09/19/2013

Award-winning ads can teach us a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing. That’s why we’ve been looking at some exceptional ones and extracting important lessons from them. This last ad we’ll cover won four International Advertising Bureau’s MIXX Awards and an AdWeek Buzz Award. HBO and Campfire Tell a […]

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Jeep’s Shocking Strategy That Gets Attention

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 09/17/2013

We’ve recently looked at award-winning ads from big companies that taught us how to handle criticism and target the right audience. We’ll look at a new ad today that’s all about getting attention. Jeep’s Bold Claim Jeep had the first car ad ever to win top prize at the Cannes Film Festival: Can a Jeep […]

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How To Parallel Slim Jim’s AWard-Winning Ad Results

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 09/12/2013

For your email subscribers to respond to your emails, you have to send the content they want. This does not entirely depend on you writing good content. It also depends on attracting the right subscribers. Not more subscribers, you notice, but the right ones. Are you sending information that makes it clear who exactly your […]

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How To Flip Criticism Of Your Product On Its Head

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 09/10/2013

AWard-winning, top-performing ads provide an awful lot of inspiration for business growth, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned marketer. Gleaning information from the very best takes quite a lot of research, but since we already planned to do this for our own purposes, we put together a four-part series breaking down what exactly made […]

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Optimizing Your Campaign for Gmail

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 08/13/2013

With over 400 million users worldwide, there’s a pretty big chance many of the subscribers on your email list are reading your newsletters in Gmail. Just like it’s a good idea to optimize your emails for people reading them on mobile devices, optimizing your emails for specific clients can help you stand out in the […]

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Get Your Emails Delivered (A Guide)

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/30/2013

Mr. Email Marketer is hard at work at his desk, firing off emails. He’s doing a great job – he’s got link tracking set up and alt text in place – and he’s feeling kind of sassy. He’s been pleased by a recent upsurge in clicks through to his site, but today as he keeps […]

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Gmail’s New Inbox Tabs: Marketers, You Can Relax

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/23/2013

Gmail recently reorganized inboxes into several tabbed spaces. Like Outlook’s Clean Sweep or Gmail’s already-existing Priority Inbox, it’s one more way to divide incoming emails into categories. One of those tabs is “Promotions,” designated for offers and marketing newsletters. Another is “Updates,” for more transactional messages (receipts, bills and the like). The bottom line? Your […]

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Advanced Email Marketing: Beyond The Basics

Posted by Nick Randazzo on 07/22/2013

We know you’ve heard, but we’ll say it again – email marketing is the way to go when advertising your business. A basic email marketing campaign is a really beneficial, not to mention easy, marketing strategy that you can utilize to increase your sales. The hard part is trying not to rush around cheering when […]

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