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Free HTML Email Template: Malibu

By Marc Kline

One of our email designer virtuosos, Bob, put together a new template to help our customers get promotional emails out on the fly, in an effective way.

New to AWeber? Check it out, then click to download a ZIP file you can preview and pass to your web designer.

Already an AWeber customer? There

27 New HTML Email Templates

By Justin Premick

Many of our customers like to use HTML emails to send vibrant, branded communications to their subscribers. (So do we, for that matter.)

But creating a great-looking email can be challenging, especially if you’re not a designer and/or (like me) just aren’t an artist by nature.

That’s why we created our original HTML email templates — to help you spend less time on design, and more time on the content of your emails (not to mention the rest of your business).

Today, I’m excited to announce a new series of attention-grabbing HTML email templates, available for your use right now in your AWeber account.

Introducing Our Newest HTML Email Templates

Starting immediately, all AWeber users have access to 27 new templates created by our new designer Bob (you can meet him and the rest of our team at our about page).

These new template designs have been tested in a wide range of email clients to ensure consistent rendering.

Here are a couple of the new designs (click each design to see more of it):

Among these new templates you’ll find single-column as well as multiple-column designs and a range of colors.

Try The New Templates Today

To start using these templates, head over to the Follow Ups or Broadcasts page of your account.

Once you’ve loaded a template into your message, you can easily add your logo and other branded content using our HTML editor.

While you’re at it, let us know what you think — your feedback helps us decide what types of new templates we might provide down the road! (Plus if you like these ones you’ll make Bob’s day :) )