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iPhone Tips for HTML Email

By Amanda Gagnon

This spring, one of the biggest smartphones (the iPhone) joined with the biggest mobile carrier (Verizon). People are snatching up the iPhone in droves, which means your mobile email audience is the biggest it’s ever been.

If you send only plain-text emails, this isn’t a very big deal.

But many people send HTML. And HTML emails tend to look a little different on mobile devices.

But we know four easy ways you can make sure they still look good.

Scrutinize Your Size

The iPhone 4G displays at a width of 640 pixels, so you’ll want your email to be just around that size.

Previous versions display at 320 pixels, which still works with a 640-pixel message – your design scales down nicely by half.

AWeber’s email templates are all around 600 pixels. Use them, and you’re all set.

Use the Top Left to Allure

Make sure you’ve got grabby, interesting content in the top, left section of your message. Try a headline, a picture or a paragraph that lets readers know something exciting is happening. They’ll need to scroll over and down to see more.

This actually has double impact. It gives an enticing glimpse to your subscribers who first encounter your emails in a preview pane. They’ll see either the top or the left, depending on their email client.

But Save Your Call To Action For Later

If the top left is where you ask your readers on a date, the bottom or right is where you move in for the kiss. That’s how Dr. Flint McLaughlin, who studies millions of emails at MECLABS, describes the email experience.

Keeping your call to action off the initial screen gives readers a second to acclimate. Once readers decide they’re committed enough to scroll down, you can ask them to take further action.

And In the Meantime…

Get more subscriptions.

While you’re waiting for clicks on that call to action, generate a QR code for your brand. iPhones (and other smartphones) can scan these cousins to bar codes and be taken straight to your sign up form (just follow these easy steps).

You can get your QR code printed onto business cards, t-shirts – pretty much anything. So when all the Verizon-ites who just picked up iPhones are looking for fun ways to use them, they can sign up for your emails.

Do You Read Email On An iPhone?

Or any other kind of smartphone?

If you do, does it matter if the email is big or small? Does the call to action’s location make a difference?

Or does your response just come down to the interest you have in the brand and whether they’re offering something you want?

Share your opinion in the comment section here – we’d love to see what you’ve got to say. (And if you’ve discovered any other helpful tips for crafting emails for the iPhone, we’d love to see those, too!)

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Tips for Email Procrastinators

By Rebecca Swayze

Tips for Email ProcrastinatorsAs the multitaskers of the business world, marketers have a lot on their plates. Ideally, each day would provide ample time for creating and sending stellar newsletters to your eager subscribers.

But the truth of the matter is that very often, email marketing is pushed to the bottom of your never ending “to do” lists. There are so many pressing tasks at hand and sending email is so quick that you usually put it off until later, right?

Fortunately, these last minute tips for messages that should’ve gone out yesterday will get you out of the office by 5:00 and cozied up in front of the TV in no time.

Your 20-Minute Manual

Choose a Template

Not sure how you want your email to look? Picking a template can save a lot of time and aggravation. Depending on which one you choose, the columns will dictate the content and give your email focus.

Once you pick a template that suits your needs, simply pop your logo and important company information in and you’ll have a unique, customized template that you can use again and again – just by clicking copy.

To Insert Your Logo:

  1. Copy the image URL from your website.
  2. While editing your HTML message, place your cursor wherever you want the logo to appear.
  3. Click the yellow “Insert/Edit an Image” icon Insert:Edit Image that appears in the HTML editor.
  4. Paste the image URL in the “URL” field, then click the “Insert” button:

    Insert Image

Get Link Happy

According to Dr. Flint McGlaughlin of Marketing Experiments, your email has one job: it invites your subscribers to a mental conversation.

That conversation should take place back on your website, whether it be making a sale, sharing a blog post, offering a discount or taking reservations.

When you’re in a rush and hurrying to send your newsletter it’s easy to skip the extra steps. Be sure to make the invitation to conversation very clear with a few well-placed links to your contact page, store hours, menu, FAQ or other frequently sought pages.

Remember though, these secondary links shouldn’t distract from the main point or the call-to-action of the email.

Review Discarded Content

If you don’t already, get in the habit of saving the work that doesn’t make it into your messages. When you’re short on time and in a pinch, it’s the kindling for an incendiary newsletter.

If you find that you ramble on and always cut portions of text out of your pieces after writing them, keep the content that ends up on the cutting room floor and devote your newsletter focus to your brilliant insight that was previously too lengthy to publish.

You could even keep a folder with snippets of abandoned blog posts or newsletter articles handy when you’re working on your emails – so long as the content is valuable, your newsletter will build itself.

Spend Time on Your Subject Line

If your subject line doesn’t compel readers to open the email, the rest of your content goes unseen. Make sure it clearly presents the email’s value while staying consistent with your past subject lines.

In fact, you can use existing messages to guide you. Keep track of patterns in open rates to see which subject lines earned the most opens, then mimic the format with your new one.

Treat it like a game of Mad Libs and fill in the blanks:

If “Free Shipping – All Handbags, One Week Only!” was your message with the most opens, take out the specifics and replace them with this week’s deal.

“Free Shipping – Spring Essentials, Wednesday Only!” is new and different from the last, but the format worked for you before and should work again, according to the stats.

Procrastination in Moderation

It’s nerve wracking, but waiting until the last minute to send messages can actually work out in your favor…when you don’t make a habit of it!

Great campaigns do take time to plan and implement.

How do YOU save time when writing your messages?

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A Plain Text User’s Guide to HTML Email

By Amanda Gagnon

HTML and plain text each have their place as email formats. Plain text has a no-nonsense, businesslike air, and is simple to create. HTML grabs attention with colors and images. It lets companies incorporate logos and display data with graphics.

New HTML Email Templates: Good Things Come In Pairs

By Bob Ricca

Finding quality HTML email templates can be tough, and finding templates related to your specific needs can be even tougher. Fortunately, we’ve been releasing new templates regularly. We’d like to think that each template we release could be the key to taking your email marketing to the next level.

Generic email templates are a dime a dozen and it’s no surprise, they fit the mold for most people. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But what makes a template extraordinary? How can we provide you with templates that go that extra step toward fostering success?

We’re proud to present you with three sets of templates (email and web form combinations) available exclusively to AWeber customers.

We knew our new Web Form Generator marked the dawn of a new era for your email signup forms.

Now that we can easily create templates for forms, why not create Email / Web Form templates that complement each other? Through consistency of branding these templates can provide a professional feel for those of us who aren’t professional designers.

The “Video Arcade” Email / Web Form Template Combo

Believe it or not, us video gamers do sometimes get off the couch. Some of us even send email campaigns for our blogs. But even if you aren’t blogging about video games, you can’t deny this template can be used by those who favor a more playful style.

The “Video Arcade” HTML Email Template
is available in 4 color variations.

The “Video Arcade” Web Form Template
is available in 5 color variations.

The “eBook” Email / Web Form Template Combo

The “eBook” templates pack a powerful punch for enticing new subscribers. Use the web form template to promise your eBook upon sign up. Use the HTML email template to deliver that promise in style.

The “eBook” HTML Email Template
is available in 3 color variations.

The “eBook” Web Form Template
is available in 10 color variations.

The “Wine” Email / Web Form Template Combo

This template is perfect for fine dining establishments. Announce weekly specials, upcoming events, additional menu items and exclusive discounts in sophisticated, yet understated style.

The “Wine” HTML Email Template
is available in 4 varieties.

The “Wine” Web Form Template
is available in 4 color varieties.

How Can You Use These Templates?

These templates are available exclusively to AWeber customers. If you have an AWeber account, simply log in and you will find them the same place you usually find templates when you are either creating a web form or creating a new broadcast/follow up.

Let Us Know What You Think.

We always appreciate your feedback and always take our customers into consideration.

Do you have any ideas of a template theme that might be especially useful?

Let us know… you might just get what you ask for.

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Subscriber, Will You be My Valentine?

By Rebecca Swayze

Relationships are hard work. It doesn’t matter what kind; they’re all equally tough. Parents, spouses, friends, business partners, customers – all need to be treated kindly and with respect.

If you want to build a new relationship or keep an existing one strong, you need to open the lines of communication and truly make an effort to get to know the other person.

This Valentine’s Day, embrace email marketing and show subscribers how much you love them by using these relationship building tips with your next campaign.

Court Your Subscribers

If you have an email campaign that aims to promote and sell a product, remember that just because your visitors sign up to your list does not necessarily mean that they will purchase your product. Seduce them, entice them, educate them and above all be polite.

Don’t expect subscribers to buy after they receive your first email. Sometimes it takes a little longer to convert an interested reader into an advocate or a customer.

Flirt or Tease Them

You know how great your product is, and your subscribers will no doubt love it once they purchase. Subtly let them know what they are missing out on by including little bits of information about the product in your emails.

Be brief! Don’t spill the beans in your message, but rather provide enough information to make them want to click through to your website to learn more. The whole point of your email is to get subscribers to your landing page, which you then use to make the sale.

Personalize Your Love Letter

It’s not always appropriate, but personalization can make your email more conversational and friendly.

This doesn’t mean you should use the {!firstname_fix} variable ten times throughout your email.

Instead, include other readily available information, such as the website they visited when they signed up. This can validate the trust that they placed in you initially when they signed up to your list.

Send Some Conversation Hearts

Communication is crucial to any successful relationship. The easiest way to communicate with a friend or partner is to talk.

Conversation is personal, and often the best way to sway someone’s opinion. Use your messages to engage subscribers in conversation. Address them genuinely, like you would address a friend, and request their feedback.

Track Cupid’s Arrow

We all keep tabs on the ones we love. Always use click tracking in your messages to determine which links subscribers are clicking on.

Knowing which links subscribers liked and clicked on will help you communicate better. You can even segment your list based on their participation later.

They Love You, They Love You Not…They Love You!

Give your subscribers one more reason to love you by sending beautiful emails. Try one of our new Valentine’s Day templates!

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Valentine’s Day Web Form and Email Templates

By Justin Premick

Valentine's HTML Email TemplatesValentine’s Day is around the corner, and like many holidays it’s an occasion for businesses to make more sales through email marketing.

We know you’re always looking for ways to build your list and deliver relevant, valuable messages to your subscribers, so we thought we’d play Cupid and help you and your customers get together 😉

Just in time for the upcoming holiday, we’ve rolled out new HTML email templates and matching web form ones, themed for February 14th.

Check them out…

“Be Mine” Templates

Like the ubiquitous Valentine’s day conversation hearts, these cheery templates use pastel shades and bold reds to grab your subscribers’ eyes and clearly convey your message.

They’re ideal for short, simple offers.



“Valentine Mail” Templates

These templates use simple, modern design and could easily be used even outside of Valentine’s Day (think “we love our customers”).



“Happy Valentine’s Day” Templates

Want to use a design that’s subtler than a big red heart?

Try the understated “Happy Valentine’s Day” templates for an easy-on-the eyes look and calls-to-action that pop.



More New Web Form and Email Templates Coming Soon

We’re creating more templates for your forms and HTML emails regularly – make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so we can keep you in the loop! (You’ll also benefit from the list building, newsletter and other email marketing tips we publish here.)

Next Week: Courting Your Subscribers

Stay tuned for an article from Rebecca next week on strengthening your relationship with your email subscribers.

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2 New HTML Email Templates

By Bob Ricca

At AWeber, you can use any of our 100+ HTML email templates to create great-looking emails in a variety of color schemes ? but what if you could match the look of your email marketing campaigns perfectly to your website?

Free HTML Email Template: “Download”

By Bob Ricca

After the positive response to our last free HTML email template, “Welcome”, I set out to create more HTML email templates to suit specific common types of emails you send.

Today, I’m happy to share the newest addition to our family of functionally themed email templates

The “Download” HTML Email Template

Use this template to share files with your subscribers:

It comes in 3 different editions:

PDF (perfect for ebooks, whitepapers, free reports)
Download The Zip File (all 6 colors)

Audio (podcasts, interviews and other audio files)
Download The Zip File (all 6 colors)
“Other” Files (anything other than a PDF or audio file)
Download The Zip File (all 6 colors)

Each one is available in 6 different color schemes – the same ones from the “Welcome” template.

Green, Maroon, Orange, Blue, Navy Blue, and Purple.

AWeber Customers:

Log into your account to try out 18 different variations of this template when you create a new message:

Log into your account

Have a Theme Idea for a Future HTML Email Template?

I’d love to hear some feedback on the templates I’ve created and what kinds of HTML email templates you’d like me to pursue in the future.

Share your thoughts on the “Download” template, and ideas for future ones, below!

Free HTML Email Template – “Welcome”

By Bob Ricca

With over 75 proven HTML email templates under our belt, I got to thinking…

…what would really set our new email templates apart from the rest?

Well, I have a couple ideas on this (and I want to hear yours too!). Here’s the first one…

Our latest HTML email template is designed to help you quickly and easily create one of the most critical (and often-overlooked) messages: the welcome email.

Our Newest HTML Email Template: “Welcome”

This is the first in a line of “functionally themed” templates that we’ll be releasing.

Specifically designed to be a welcome message for new subscribers, the “Welcome” template incorporates the elements we believe should be included in your first correspondence.

Welcome Email Screenshot

New to AWeber?

We’re offering this template free of charge for you to use however you’d like:

Download This Free HTML Email Template

AWeber Customers:

Log into your account to try out 5 color variations of this template when you create a new message:

Log into your account

Create Effective Welcome Emails Using This Template as a Guide

Just for good measure, lets go over what makes a welcome message successful:

  • Confirm the subscription was successful

    What good is a welcome email if you fail to mention that the user has successfully subscribed?

    I recommend making this the most prominent piece of information in the email.

  • Re-iterate what your subscribers should expect to receive

    Using bullet points to display this information not only makes it easy to spot but easy to read.

  • Includes a return link(s) to your website

    Although we incorporated this into our new email template you could easily expand on this.

    Providing some interesting links to some recent content might help prolong the users interest and intice them to wait diligently for your next broadcast.

  • Encourage subscribers to add you to their address book.

    When a subscriber adds you to his/her address book, it not only helps with email deliverability but also increases the likelihood that images will be enabled in your future broadcasts.

  • Provokes user interaction.

    Showing that you are easily accessible by hitting the reply button builds a stronger relationship between you and your subscribers.

You also may want to refer to the example of an effective welcome email (although not as good-looking as this template!) that we blogged recently.

So What’s Our Next “Functionally Themed” HTML Email Template?

There has been a lot of talk regarding what type of messages our customers might get the most use out of.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Templates for Downloadable Files.

    Whether its regarding a PDF file, audio file or video, I could create a template for specific types of media to be downloaded.

  • Template for Podcasts

    This template might incorporate a mock player for click through, a place to summarize recent podcasts, and/or a recommended set up to display the transcript for your latest podcast.

Have a Theme Idea for a Future HTML Email Template?

I’d love to hear some feedback on the templates I’ve created and any ideas I could possibly pursue in the future.

Share your thoughts on the “Welcome” template, and your ideas for future templates, in the comments!