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Even Better Template Customization Now Available

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 10/18/2012

If you’re a designer, or you have a designer that works on your website and emails, the new message editor makes it incredibly easy to design the slick emails you desire for your email marketing campaign. Most discussion here has focused on the drag-and-drop aspect of the editor because it makes it easy for the […]

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Pack Your Backpack With These Tools For Faster, Easier Marketing

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 08/30/2012

You know that feeling when you just have too much time on your hands? Me neither. You know and I know that to push out marketing materials while running the rest of your business takes a good amount of efficiency. You need the fastest, easiest processes possible for planning your schedule, for actually creating your […]

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Marketing Email Pattern #1: The Pick-and-Choose

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/09/2012

Email marketing doesn’t have to take a whole lot of time, especially if you follow these tips for procrastinators and use these templates. And when it comes to putting your content down, it can be even faster if you have somewhere to start. So we’ve come up with three templates you can start from and […]

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Announcing the Winners of Our Template Design Contest!

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 05/30/2012

We gave you new drag-and-drop message editors for broadcast and follow up messages. Then we invited graphic designers to create new templates to use in our new editor. We received several submissions to our email template design contest and we’re ready to reveal the winners! All three winning templates are available both in AWeber accounts […]

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Create Your Own Gallery of Custom Email Templates

Posted by Nick Moore on 04/16/2012

As you’re probably aware, we’re beta testing a new message editor for broadcast messages. It makes building your emails a lot easier by giving you an intuitive, drag and drop interface. This week, we wanted to draw some attention to the template manager included with the message editor beta – it vastly expands your options […]

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Calling All Designers: Email Template Contest

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 03/19/2012

“We’ve heard your feedback and want to clarify any concerns about the submission guidelines (updated here). We’ve updated them to reflect that there’s no coding required and image files are acceptable submissions. With that change in mind, we’re extending the deadline to Monday, April 30 to allow more designers time to compete.” Graphic designers, a […]

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Drag-and-Drop Email Design: It’s Here!

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 03/06/2012

Update: Social Share Buttons and Section Dividers have been added to the editor so you can personalize your emails more than ever. Good news, AWeber community. You’ve got a fancy new broadcast editor waiting for you. (Customers, it’s in your account now; go check it out!) This editor’s literally designed for all skill levels: you […]

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You Say You Want a New Broadcast Editor?

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 03/02/2012

It’s something you, the AWeber community, have been asking for. It’s something that will make your email marketing really easy. And it’s almost here. We’ve been working on this secret project for a while, and recently unveiled it in a few AWeber accounts to test it out. We took feedback, we made improvements and in […]

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HTML and Deliverability: What’s The Story In 2012?

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 02/17/2012

If you want to include images, videos, branding or a color scheme in your emails, you have to create them with HTML. Some people don’t want to do that (and that’s okay). They don’t want to learn HTML or hire a designer; plus, they believe sending HTML emails will bring down their delivery rates. If […]

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5 Ways to Wake Up Your Email Campaign

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 02/10/2012

As a small business owner, you probably understand that getting customers to engage with your email campaign is a big factor in its effectiveness. How do you design a campaign that your customers will want to read regularly? There’s one key word in that sentence: Design. If you’ve been sending plain text emails to your […]

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