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Update: Gmail Image Blocking And Caching

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 12/16/2013

If you haven’t already heard, Gmail will now start displaying images within emails by default, instead of blocking them by default as in the past. This means more accurate reports of email opens from Gmail subscribers. Initially, the change also meant repeat opens by the same subscribers would not be communicated, but our devs cracked […]

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Reports: Gmail No Longer Blocking Images, Yahoo Still Down

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 12/12/2013

Your email subscribers who use Gmail will soon see all of your images, without having to “turn them on” (though they can opt to turn them off). For you, this means 2 things: Your images, seen by more subscribers, will have more of the aesthetic and informative effects you intend. Your reports may show more […]

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Optimizing Your Campaign for Gmail

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 08/13/2013

With over 400 million users worldwide, there’s a pretty big chance many of the subscribers on your email list are reading your newsletters in Gmail. Just like it’s a good idea to optimize your emails for people reading them on mobile devices, optimizing your emails for specific clients can help you stand out in the […]

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Gmail’s New Inbox Tabs: Marketers, You Can Relax

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/23/2013

Gmail recently reorganized inboxes into several tabbed spaces. Like Outlook’s Clean Sweep or Gmail’s already-existing Priority Inbox, it’s one more way to divide incoming emails into categories. One of those tabs is “Promotions,” designated for offers and marketing newsletters. Another is “Updates,” for more transactional messages (receipts, bills and the like). The bottom line? Your […]

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