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Converting Facebook “Likes” Into Subscribers

Posted by Monica Montesa on 09/12/2014

If you were one of the brands that scrambled a few years ago to obtain the sacred Facebook “Like” from as many fans as possible, it’s okay. You weren’t the only one. At the time, it was the most valuable social currency around. But ask yourself this: Now that you have all of those followers […]

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Exclusive Research: How Do Millennials Use Technology?

Posted by Justin Premick on 04/21/2014

You’ve seen them: in cars, in coffeeshops, and in countless articles trying to explain what they do and why they do it. Millennials are everywhere. For marketers, they’ve become a hot topic of discussion over the past few years. And no wonder: Millennials have hit the workforce and will continue to do so for the […]

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What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Ad Structure

Posted by Brandon Olson on 04/11/2014

Facebook is shaking things up yet again – this time on the advertising front with its new structure to advertising campaigns. They’re making it easier to organize, optimize and measure your ads. Easier is good, but anytime you’re going to spend money advertising your business, you want to have a clear picture of how your […]

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How To Prepare For The New Facebook Page Design

Posted by Brandon Olson on 03/17/2014

Facebook began rolling out a new design for Pages last week. The intention is to make it easier for people to find the information they want and to help Page owners access the tools they use most. With the new design, there are some great benefits as well as some drawbacks. We’re here to give […]

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Story Bumping: How To Get Your Posts Seen On Facebook

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 08/07/2013

EdgeRank. You might have heard of it. It’s that magic spell Facebook casts to get your posts either seen or buried in the news feed. Well, almost. Yesterday, Facebook announced a special update to its ranking system to help get your Page’s posts seen more often by more people. This goes along with the news […]

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