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How to Create A Perfectly Targeted Email Experience

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 03/26/2014

( Valuable lessons for the rest of us.) I helped my mom rent an apartment for her move to Pennsylvania (hooray!) just before Christmas. We talked to a real estate agent about buying first, but decided to rent for now. The very pleasant agent suggested sending us property listings until my mom was ready. So […]

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AWeber’s Best Dressed Emails Of 2014

Posted by Jess Ward on 03/05/2014

  Just like a Little Black dress, the best email designs are classic and timeless. More than half the emails sent through AWeber use the “Plain Template“- but don’t be fooled. This template can be dressed up in minutes to create a branded, clean design. These three businesses created some best dressed emails by rocking […]

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Do You Alienate Your Subscribers?

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 02/11/2014

I noticed a handyman truck the other day with “Rent-a-Husband” on the side. I thought it was a cute name for such a business. I saw a similar one later that day called “Husband For Hire.” This caused my marketing brain to kick into gear. Could these businesses be losing customers because of their name? […]

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Don’t Lose Another Customer! One Big Tip To Inspire Loyalty

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 02/06/2014

“Always strive to provide service above and beyond what the average salesperson would give. It will help you build long-term relationships, trust, and referral business.” -Tom Hopkins, Help Scout. Customers leaving you? You might want to take a lesson in customer service from eFax. As AWeber’s Acquisition and Retention Specialist, I’m always for looking at […]

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An Email Designer’s 3 Mobile-Friendly Rules

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 01/23/2014

We told you about the new mobile responsive templates we released. They make your emails look AWesome everywhere instantly without any extra work from you. But there are still a few things you should keep in mind for your mobile email readers. Your email might look good on mobile, but is it readable? We talked […]

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The Customer Service Connection With Success

Posted by Matt Hui on 12/17/2013

Most of us have done it, and if you haven’t done it yet there is a good chance you may do it in the future. Contacting customer service can be a make or break moment for any consumer. The experience that they have can help them decide if they will stay with your brand or […]

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Don’t Use Another Image In Your Emails Without Reading This First!

Posted by Rachel Acquaviva on 12/12/2013

We’ve mentioned before that, when used correctly, images can be a powerful tool to engage subscribers and get them to respond to your emails. And we just made it easier than ever to manage all your images and put them in your emails with unlimited image storage! Snap event photos, upload all your product pictures, […]

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Email Marketing Fairy Tales

Posted by Rachel Acquaviva on 10/29/2013

Once upon a time, there was an email marketer who knew he could do more. He had a sign up form on his website and a great-looking email template designed. He sent out a monthly newsletter to his entire email list, and even had a couple of follow up messages created. But his list just […]

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Jeep’s Shocking Strategy That Gets Attention

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 09/17/2013

We’ve recently looked at award-winning ads from big companies that taught us how to handle criticism and target the right audience. We’ll look at a new ad today that’s all about getting attention. Jeep’s Bold Claim Jeep had the first car ad ever to win top prize at the Cannes Film Festival: Can a Jeep […]

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Small Businesses Getting AWesome Results With Email Newsletters

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 08/01/2013

Email marketing works. How much does it work ? How about a $40 return on every $1 you invest in your marketing? But stats don’t always convince. What about real results? From real businesses? These are the stories of 12 real businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs who market with email newsletters. Don’t take our word for […]

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