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Love Your Blog: 4 Essential WordPress Plugins For Content Marketing

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 02/13/2014

Bloggers and WordPress. You guys go together like chocolate and peanut butter (yum!). So let’s talk about some ways to make the most of your beautiful partnership. We rounded up four of our favorite plugins to help take your content marketing to new heights. Scribe Scribe is a plugin developed by the people at Copyblogger, […]

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Identifying Your Target Audience: The Story Of Penny

Posted by Corrina Gordon-Barnes on 04/11/2013

Trying to grow your email list? Then it makes sense you’ll be happy when new people subscribe to your list. But here’s a tale from Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me of why you should also be happy when people unsubscribe… When I started my email list back in 2006, Penny was one of my […]

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Bloggers: Google Reader’s Closing, So Get Those Readers On Your Email List

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 03/15/2013

If you’re a blogger, it’s likely people are reading your posts through Google Reader. (Click if you don’t know Reader.) Google announced Wednesday that Reader’s closing. Which means your RSS followers won’t see your posts anymore. Email to the rescue! What’s Email Got To Do With It? Well, your soon-to-be-ex-Reader followers have 3 options: 1. […]

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What Tool Makes Email Marketing Easier For Small Business Owners?

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 02/21/2013

There are only 24 hours in a day, and if you like spending some of that time sleeping, it can get stressful and frustrating for small business owners to find the time to get everything done. But many small business owners out there are succeeding. They’re able to do it all by working hard (of […]

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How To Meet Your 2013 Marketing Resolutions: Part 1

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 01/14/2013

Flashback to January 2012: part of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your email marketing. For the first few days, you eagerly got up earlier, made yourself some coffee and got to work. Then you got up a little later or focused on a different aspect of your business, and before you knew it, […]

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Announcing the Winners of Our Template Design Contest!

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 05/30/2012

We gave you new drag-and-drop message editors for broadcast and follow up messages. Then we invited graphic designers to create new templates to use in our new editor. We received several submissions to our email template design contest and we’re ready to reveal the winners! All three winning templates are available both in AWeber accounts […]

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5 Places to Build Your Blog’s Email List

Posted by Justin Premick on 12/16/2011

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, an AWeber user who blogs about WordPress marketing at Sparring Mind. The simple truth when it comes to collecting more email subscribers for your AWeber email campaign is this: Add more web forms to give people more chances to join your list. But over-used and badly placed […]

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11 Free WordPress Plugins That Can Boost Your Email Marketing

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 09/02/2011

Update: As time goes up, plugins fade out. As of this update (8/27/13), the CalendarPress plugin no longer exists and the FacebookShare and Instant Highlighter plugins have not been updated in over 2 years and therefore may or may not be supported at this time. Power can come in many forms. Popeye gets his power […]

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How Your Blog Can Improve Your Email Marketing

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 08/26/2011

True or False: Many marketers report that their blog is the most popular entry point for online visitors.

The answer is: true! A MarketingSherpa study has found this to be a new trend!

Which means if you haven’t started working your blog into your email marketing campaign, it’s time to start! Fortunately, AWeber helps make this easier for you with the blog broadcast feature.

If you’re ready to set up a powerful tool to improve your email marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered on how to do it and how it helps.

How Blog Integration Helps You

The blog broadcast feature makes it easy for you to reap the benefits of integrating your blog with email marketing. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Increase sign ups

    If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your blog, that’s another opportunity to ask visitors to join your mailing list! Whether your blog is your website or just a part of it, you want to have a form available for potential subscribers to enter their information. If you’re using WordPress, we’ve got an app for that!

    You might also want to set up an email subscription just for your blog posts, in case that’s all some subscribers want. This can be done by creating a separate list that’s dedicated to blog post emails, rather than having one list for all emails. It’s good to offer options for receiving your emails, so subscribers aren’t just locked into one thing.

  • Increase interaction with your site

    Your blog content gives your subscribers more to interact with. You can set up the blog broadcast to include a “Read More” link to get subscribers to click through to the website in order to see the rest of the post.

  • Communicate a more personal tone

    Your blog can read as if you’re addressing a friend, so a blog broadcast can give your company the chance to set a more friendly tone.

    Opening up to your subscribers and connecting with them on a more personal level can help build subscriber loyalty.

  • Provide more content for your emails

    The blog broadcast will allow you to send regular broadcasts to your subscribers. However, even if you don’t use the blog broadcast tool you can still integrate with your blog.

    You can simply link to a blog post (or a few posts) in your regular email newsletter. This way you’re still able to share more valuable content with your subscribers.

How to Set Up a Blog Broadcast

The blog broadcast will take content from your blog and automatically create that content in an email newsletter.

The way it does this is by checking your blog’s RSS feed. When you have a new post, the blog broadcast tool will pick it up and create a broadcast message for it. You can set your message to send at a certain time or after a certain number of posts.

You can also choose a template for your blog posts to appear in. The RSS variables will automatically pull your blog post (the dynamic content), but you can also set up your own text in the template that will be pulled in every time until you change it (the static content).

What Integrating with Your Blog Can Look Like

Here’s an example of AWeber customer Steven Aitchison’s blog:

Notice he has the sign up form on the right for interested visitors. You can also see his most recent post. This post was picked up by the blog broadcast tool and changed into an email:

Already Using Your Blog with Email Marketing?

Let us know if you’re already using your blog and how it has helped you!

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Publish Full Posts In Blog Broadcasts

Publish Full Posts In Blog Broadcasts

Posted by Justin Premick on 07/13/2010

Many businesses and bloggers use AWeber’s blog newsletter tool to convert RSS to email and tell readers about new posts on their blogs. When we released this tool, our thinking was that it would be a way for you to get email subscribers back to your blog in order to read your post, comment on […]

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