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A Farewell to 2013 (2014, Bring It On)

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 01/14/2014

We have sticky notes stuck all over the walls. We have lists of customers queued up to talk to. We have new processes in place to innovate faster and better. 2013 was a building year, a gathering year, one that positioned us for a strong launch in 2014. That said, we accomplished plenty to celebrate […]

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AWeber: Helping Small Businesses Grow For 15 Years

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 08/27/2013

Fifteen years ago, Tom Kulzer was selling wireless modems. He used email to follow up with his clients. It was time-consuming. Tom developed an email follow up system to help him and his peers follow up with clients. After he left the company, his peers kept asking if they could use the follow up system […]

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Congratulations, Giveaway Winners! ♥

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 02/15/2013

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the <3 Your Customers Giveaway! (If you missed it, there’s always the next one – for advance notice, sign up for blog notifications if you haven’t already.) You appreciate your customers (almost) as much as we appreciate you. Keep showing them “heart” – that, friends, is what’s going […]

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Because We ♥ You

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 02/06/2013

The AWeber team gets pretty excited here and there throughout the day. Chats fly, smiles appear and sometimes you can hear laughing. And it’s because of you. When we see a small business doing something AWesome (especially if it’s one of our customers), we’re happy. And since it’s the month of Valentines, we want to […]

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We Moved! Here’s Our New Address & a Sneak Peek at the Office

Posted by Justin Premick on 12/05/2012

“And you may say to yourself, ‘this is not my beautiful house’”~David Byrne In 2004, I walked into what appeared to be a converted 2-stall horse barn. I found myself in a one-room building with 4 desks and a mini-fridge. AWeber’s office in 2004 certainly looked like a place where people knew how to enjoy […]

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Support Closing at 5pm Eastern Today

Posted by Justin Premick on 08/03/2012

Hi everyone, At AWeber, we operate according to a set of five Core Values. They help us provide the best email marketing service we can for you and thousands of other users around the world. Today, we’re taking a couple of hours to practice one of these Core Values: Don’t take ourselves too seriously; have […]

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7 Green Tips For Your Business

Posted by Crystal Gouldey on 04/19/2012

We’re happy that email marketing is naturally green. On the other hand, almost 10,000 pieces of postal mail advertisements are printed, shipped, delivered and disposed of every 3 seconds just in the U.S. Email marketing is already a step in the right direction for helping our planet. This Earth Day, we wanted to go over […]

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AWeber’s Thanksgiving Potluck

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 11/23/2011

The Fall Potluck is a Thanksgiving tradition here at AWeber, and this year the culinary contributions were more plentiful than ever! It took three maple syrup glazed turkeys, several bowls of yams and mashed potatoes, a big crock pot of bacon mac and cheese, heaps of cranberry sauce and an overflowing dessert table to feed […]

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AWeber’s AWesome Anthony A.

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 11/11/2011

Congratulations to Anthony Acquaviva, currently named the AWesomest team member at AWeber by popular vote. Anthony’s been working here for almost 1 year now and digging every minute of it. When he is not fully immersed in AWeber goodness, he spends time with his lovely wife and neurotic Shi Tzu. He also likes to solve […]

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Who’s AWesome This Month at AWeber?

Posted by Rebekah Henson on 10/14/2011

Every month, all of AWeber votes for one employee who is truly awesome and best exemplifies one (or all) of our Core Values. September’s AWesome Award winner is a familiar face on the blog. You’ve probably seen her name attached to many of the posts here as well as in some of your email updates. […]

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