How to Write an Autoresponder Email Series

By Kristen Dunleavy

Autoresponder emails (commonly called follow up emails) have a ton of time-saving and business-growing benefits – and yet 75 percent of businesses aren’t using them. Here’s how to plan, write and execute an AWesome follow up series to put your business ahead of the curve.

Email Marketing & Public Relations: A Match Made In The Inbox

By Andrea Carter

Public relations is a great way to boost your audience’s perception of your brand. In this Q&A, we talked to PR expert Murray Newlands to find out the best ways small business owners can maximize their PR efforts along with email marketing.

How To Run Quick & Easy Tests To Optimize Your Marketing

By Jessica Celenza

If you’re not testing your marketing efforts, you could be missing out on big opportunities to improve conversions and sales. Learn how you can boost your marketing with these easy-to-follow testing tips!

9 Ways You Can Become An Affiliate All-Star

By Olivia Dello Buono

Affiliate marketing has become a trending topic in the digital marketing community. Find out how you can turn your love of a product into a low-risk, high-reward opportunity – and start reaping the rewards!

How to Reactivate Your Email List in 5 Steps

By Kristen Dunleavy

A reactivation campaign gives you the opportunity to win back inactive subscribers on your email list. And hey, it’s never too early for spring cleaning.