Free Holiday Marketing Calendar

Ever have a great idea for an email, but struggle to link what you want to say to something that will get subscribers’ attention?

Marc recently blogged about how you can use news to get your message across by connecting emotion with your message.

News is a great resource you can use to connect with readers – but it’s not the only one. Holidays are another tool that can produce such connections between your email content and your subscribers’ emotions.

We’ve put together a calendar that includes major holidays in a number of countries to help you keep up-to-date on events that your subscribers may be interested in.

(Click through to the above page to browse the calendar or to follow it via software like Google Calendar or Outlook.)

What sort of dates does this calendar contain?

Major Holidays In Several Countries

We’ve compiled major holidays from a number of countries and put them onto one calendar (that you can access using Google Calendar or any calendar program that uses the iCal format). It includes observances such as independence days, national holidays and bank holidays.

Some Other Interesting Ones Are On There, Too…

A holiday doesn’t have to be something “major” — just a reason that your subscribers might do things a bit differently than in a “normal” day.

For example, did you know…

Yellow Pigs Day – July 17th – celebrates the number 17. (Got a new ecourse to launch? Make it a 17-part one and announce it on this date. Or publish a whitepaper that involves the number somehow – 17 Tips on Something.)
Twins Days – the largest annual gathering of twins – runs on the first weekend of August. (Good time to run a 2-for-1 promotion, don’t you think?)
Ask a Stupid Question Day is September 28th (Could be a great way to break the ice with subscribers who may be shy about contacting you…)

For more on the calendar, check out our Knowledge Base, or load it up below and take a look!

If you can’t find a holiday, let us know about it and we’ll get it on there as best we can!