See The Improved Broadcast Archive

See the Improved Broadcast ArchiveThere are several benefits of using AWeber’s broadcast archive feature to publish a copy of your email newsletters online:

  • It provides a version of your message that looks the same to subscribers regardless of what email program they use.
  • Subscribers can easily spread the word by linking to the online version of your message.
  • It gives your Twitter followers somewhere to view your message once you tweet it.

Haven’t tried publishing your email newsletter online yet? Now’s a great time to try it out.

Why? We’ve just released some enhancements to the broadcast archive that make the online version of your messages more attractive and a list-building opportunity.

Video: See the Improved Broadcast Archive

What’s New in the Broadcast Archive

The clean 2-column design gives your broadcast archive a blog-like feel.

As part of this, you’ll notice that you can now navigate through past emails more easily, and you can see the subject line just above the body (like the title on a blog post).

But what’s more exciting are the list-building opportunities that come with formatting the archive this way.

Email Signup FormSignup Forms
You can now add an email signup form to the sidebar of your archive – that way, if one of your subscribers links to your message online, anyone who visits that link can now easily sign up to your list, too.

Add Twitter LinkTwitter Links
Plus – and this’ll be cool for those of you who tweet your email newsletters – you can add a link to follow you on Twitter. Handy for turning that retweet traffic into followers.

Add RSS LinkRSS Links
We’ll also add an RSS feed link for people who want to keep up with your content that way – the feed will automatically update whenever you publish another email to your broadcast archive.

“Before and After” Examples of Customers’ Email Newsletters

I pulled a few examples of our customers’ tweeted email newsletters and stuck them into the new broadcast archive so you can see the difference.

Example #1: OddGrooves

The archive makes this simple email from Oddgrooves look better online.

Here’s the before:

Old Oddgrooves Email Newsletter

and the after:

New Oddgrooves Email Newsletter

Example #2: The Inside Out

The Inside Out’s stylish HTML email looks good on its own – but when it appears in the new broadcast archive, the subject line at the top adds context, while the subscribe options on the left can help The Inside Out get even more people excited about their designs.

Here’s the before:

Old Inside Out Email Newsletter

and the after:

New Inside Out Email Newsletter

Example #3: The Wine School

For our 3rd example, let’s look at a local business right down the road from AWeber.

The Wine School’s content-rich email newsletter gets a nice treatment from the new broadcast archive – it looks especially nice centered within the new styles of the archive.

Here’s the before:

Old Philly Wine School Email Newsletter

and the after:

New Philly Wine School Email Newsletter

“How Do I Start Using This?”

What Do You Think?

What do you think of the new look and options for the broadcast archive? Are you going to use it to spread your messages and build your email list?

As always, share your thoughts and ideas below!