Blog Broadcast: FeedBurner Integration, Click Tracking

Fresh on the heels of the advanced rss to email scheduling options released last week come two new enhancements to help bloggers send email newsletters.

With these features, you’ll be able to take greater advantage of the social proof that FeedBurner’s subscriber counts provide, and more easily track what actions your email subscribers take when they get your newsletter.

AWeber Now Reports Email Subscriber Counts to FeedBurner

We now report how many email subscribers your blog has to FeedBurner.

So if you have a little chicklet on your blog like this: Sample FeedBurner Chicklet

showing how many people subscribe to your blog, and you collect email subscribers via AWeber, you’ll see that subscriber count jump as FeedBurner counts your email subscribers along with your RSS ones — just use your FeedBurner URL when setting up your Blog Broadcast!

Put Your Feedburner Feed Into the Blog Broadcaster

I recently mentioned in passing to a blogger that we would be rolling this out soon, and like the blogosphere got excited even before this went live…

Some of you have noticed the jump in your subscriber counts already and wondered when we were going to say something about this integration.

Well, the cat’s officially out of the bag now — we’ve even put out a press release announcing the integration.

If you’re not already using your FeedBurner URL to create your Blog Broadcasts, you may want to switch to take advantage of this reporting!

If you do this, keep in mind that Blog Broadcaster may think it’s a whole new feed (since you’re putting in a new feed URL). So if you’re currently sending your emails automatically, switch over to manually reviewing them for a bit. See our Knowledge Base for details.

Enable Click Tracking for All Blog Broadcasts

Many users — bloggers or not — take advantage of our click tracking tool to track subscriber activity and gauge the effectiveness of their messages.

Up until now, bloggers wanting to do this for their Blog Broadcasts had to turn click tracking on for individual issues of their email newsletters. This is totally doable, of course, but it’s not ideal.

So we made it better yesterday. Now, it’s easy to turn on Click Tracking automatically for all messages created by your Blog Broadcast!

You can either turn on Click Tracking while editing your Blog Broadcast settings:

Turn on Click Tracking by Marking the Checkbox

Or you can turn it on from the main Blog Broadcast page of your account:

In this example, click tracking is off. Click the text link to enable it.

Bloggers: Grow Your Readership by Offering an Email Newsletter

Offering readers of your blog the ability to subscribe via email, rather than limiting your subscribe options to RSS only, is a great way…

…you know what? Rather than listen to me make a pitch on our own email marketing blog about why email newsletters are so great for bloggers (and they are), go see what other bloggers have to say about it.

This isn’t just my own $.02 here — bloggers really do benefit from sending newsletters.

Convert RSS to Email Newsletters: Helpful Resources

To learn more about how you can use AWeber’s RSS to email tools to engage more blog readers, check out our Knowledge Base: