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It’s true.

You need a marketing plan. You’ve got to sell more of your work. Especially because then, you could make even more. (Not that you’re letting anything stop you.)

But you’re an artist.

You muck around in messy media, pouring your emotions into your craft. You’re really not interested in making sales pitches, petitioning stores for shelf space or haggling over prices.

So how are you going to make sales?

With the Art of Email Marketing

Marketing your art can be an art in itself. You start with a vision. You set up your materials. You paint a pretty picture to draw people to you. And you express yourself in your emails.

Once you get going, creating those emails will come naturally to you. After all, you’ll just present your art to people who’ve asked to hear about it.

But the technical bits and the strategy part have to be learned. That’s where we come in – we know a thing or two about email marketing, including how to break it down for beginners.

So in the medium of email, we’ll be your instructors.

In This Guide, You’ll Learn:

The guide is free, so there’s no reason to spend one more day a starving artist (although we agree, it’s a very romantic occupation). Download it, follow it and start getting the word out about your art today.

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