Urgency Redux: Trust Can Make Or Break You

Last week’s post on building urgency sure drew a lot of commentary.

Our readers shared some excellent insights, and a lot of them had similar opinions on urgency. Today, let’s talk about one of the factors that we all seem to agree affects how well urgency works: trust and credibility.

What Did You Think?

This post continues a previous discussion of urgency — to get the most out of this post, take a moment to read that one first!

I posed a couple of questions about urgency tactics, asking if our readers…

  • …responded to them as subscribers?
  • …used them in their own email marketing campaigns?
  • …felt that urgency tactics detracted from a sender’s credibility?

Our readers had a lot to say, particularly about the last question. Some excerpts:

“I do tend to unsubscribe to a list if I feel that their offers were not genuine but a marketing ploy.”

“Most importantly, any ‘urgency’ has to make sense or it will shoot holes in your logic and therefore your credibility. For example, when I see “I’m only releasing 250 copies” of an electronic product, I just laugh.”

Credibility: The Key To Urgency

The conclusion I drew from our readers’ comments was that urgency works if the sender is perceived as trustworthy. If s/he doesn’t have subscribers’ trust, then the urgency seems fabricated.

So how do we earn that trust?

Our readers pointed out that any limitations on your offers (deadlines, quantities, etc.) must be upheld — you can’t say you only have X number of products left and then miraculously come up with more of them once the first X are sold.

This is key to getting subscribers to keep trusting you, of course, but how do you build that initial credibility, so that your first offer is perceived as authentic?

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

The first message subscribers get from you can establish your credibility — or damage it before you even have a chance to make an offer.

So how do you make the welcome message work for you?

Some advice from around the email marketing world:

Your Thoughts?

How does your welcome message establish credibility with new subscribers?

Do you agree that the welcome message is the key to earning new subscribers’ trust, or do you feel there’s another part of your campaign that contributes more to your credibility?