Do Subscribers Like Your Emails? Ask!

When you are the sole creator of an email marketing campaign, the content of your messages is near and dear to your heart.

You spend countless hours pruning your emails to perfection, finding the perfect content to drive subscribers to engage with your brand and product.

You might think your messages are the best they can be, but what do your subscribers think?

Invite Feedback: Let Subscribers Rate You

There are a few ways that you can find out what your subscribers are thinking.

Maybe in the past you’ve used subscriber preferences or reviewed unsubscribe comments from previous subscribers to formulate your message content.

Now there’s an even simpler way to measure the effectiveness of particular messages in your campaign and gauge your subscribers interest before subscribers get to the point of unsubscribing.

Add a rating scale to your messages and allow subscribers to effortlessly give feedback just by clicking on a link.

For Example:

A rating scale consists of a few links inserted in a logical order in your message, but there are different ways that you can approach the rating of your messages.

  • Use images that correlate with your product or service to create your scale, or use happy/sad faces to cover the range of performance.
Thumbs Up/Down

Your rating could be as simple as a thumbs up or thumbs down.

In fact, you can use these exact images if you would like!

Just save them, upload to your site, and then put them into your emails.

  • Try a rating scale that explicitly assesses your message using descriptive language; sometimes people identify better with words.
Descriptive words

Subscribers may identify better with descriptive choices.

Feel free to copy and reuse any of these images as well.
emoticon-sad emoticon-meh emoticon-happy emoticon-excited

  • Simply pose a question about the effectiveness of your campaign, type the numbers 1-5 at the bottom of your email and link those numbers to your thank you page.
Simple ratings

Not sure if it’s worth the hassle of inserting images or coming up with clever text? Create a foolproof rating scale in under 2 minutes.

Thank Them for Their Feedback

No matter what type of scale you choose, each of the links on the scale has to go to a thank you page. This will be the same for every link on the scale.

The thank you page should be a simple page that you create on your website to thank subscribers for their response and assure them that their actions will help you create better messages in the future.

There’s no need to be elaborate, but you can certainly use the thank you page to further engage your readers once they have rated your message.


Because the thank you page is the same for each link, when you are inserting the links in your message you have to differentiate between the links so that you can properly track your ratings.

Add ?r=something to the end of each link when you are inserting it into to your message.

For example:


Weigh the Results

With click tracking enabled, once you send messages that contain your rating scale you will be able to view reports that illustrate how many subscribers clicked on the particular links on your scale.

You can also examine the number of subscribers who opened your message, and the number of subscribers that clicked on certain links on your rating scale.

While you can use click-through statistics for any links in your message to measure the effectiveness of your language and particular link text, using a rating scale allows you to explicitly ask subscribers to participate in your campaign.

You don’t ask subscribers outright to click on each and every link in your message by posing a question or asking for a response. The call to action is what makes the rating scale an effective method that differs from regular click-through stats.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever given a company your feedback on a rating scale? Do you think your subscribers would be inclined to give you feedback this way?