Start Segmenting: 3 Easy Steps

Every subscriber is a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Each one belongs to your list for different reasons. For every email you send, some might just not care. To avoid subscriber fatigue, each reader should be sent only the content they want.

But how can you find out what they want?

You can ask them. You can send them surveys or add fields to your sign-up form.

Or, you can use the following method to harness the data you already have.

Use Ad Tracking to Determine Subscribers’ Interests

Ad tracking shows which web page each subscriber signed up from. That page reveals their interests.

Segmenting by these interests lets you send each reader the emails they want most.

For example:

  • Your clothing store is having a sale on children’s clothes. You want to advertise the sale, but only to those readers who would be interested.So, you search for subscribers who used the web form on your site’s children’s clothing page. You segment that group, and send the broadcast to that segment.
  • Your toy store is having an event for children with special needs.You want to target subscribers who signed up through your special needs toys page, so you search by that ad tracking name and email only that segment.
  • You post your exercise blog on the same site as your nutritional supplement e-store. Your subscribers from both pages are added to your main list, which gets your weekly fitness newsletter.When items in your e-store go on clearance, you email the segment who signed up there. Your blog readers may only want helpful information, but your store visitors are probably prepared to make purchases.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Segmenting by sign-up form is easy to do. Just follow these ABCs…

Apply Ad Tracking names

First, apply an ad tracking label to each of your web forms. (You can also do this for people who subscribe by email.)

step-1aClick the “Web Forms” tab in the control panel navigation

step-1bAfter designing your form, click on the settings tab

step-1cClick “Show Advanced Settings” and create an ad tracking label for your form

Track your subscribers as they come in

As people subscribe, the form they sign up with will be noted. To see who came in where, search your subscribers by ad tracking category.

step-2aSelect “Search” from the subscribers menu

step-2bSearch by “Ad Category” and type in the ad tracking label you gave your form

Target subscribers based on each segment

Then, decide which forms you want to segment by and name each segment. Now when you send your messages, you can select the segments you want to target.

step-3aName and save the segment created by searching a specific Ad Category

step-3bCreate a broadcast message and select the segment from the drop-down menu

If you want to compare your web forms’ effectiveness and are not planning to segment, check out the ad tracking report for your list.

How do you segment?

Do you segment with ad tracking? What kinds of messages do you send to the different segments? Have you found that sending targeted messages affects your unsubscribe rate?

Your stories, as always, are valuable – to us and to your fellow readers. Please share them below.