Want More Opens or Clicks? Reward Subscribers!

TeeFury TeaserHow do you keep subscribers reading your permission email marketing campaigns and/or clicking to your website, especially as they “age” (as more time passes since they signed up) and you compete for their attention with an increasing number of other senders?

Obviously providing valuable content plays a big part here (as we’ve discussed on several occasions), but sometimes a little extra incentive can help, too.

Recently Tracey, our Director of Customer Solutions, passed me an email with a helpful example of how to provide an incentive for subscribers to keep reading and clicking on your emails.

How T-Shirt Vendor TeeFury Uses Open and Click Data to Reward Readers

Here’s the body of the email from t-shirt site TeeFury (click image below to see full size):

Toward the end of the email, you’ll see this banner:

TeeFury Banner

As you can see, they’re offering an incentive – a free T-shirt – to a somewhat randomly selected reader.

I say “somewhat randomly” because they’re only opening the giveaway to the first handful of people who open their email.

You Can Do This, Too!

Among the many Email Analytics tools available in AWeber is the ability to search for and segment subscribers based on whether they opened a certain email or clicked a certain link.

You can find options to search your list based on whether subscribers opened a certain email or clicked a certain link on the “Subscribers” page of your account:

Search Options

All you have to do is:

  1. Decide what behavior you want to reward (reading a certain email? clicking a certain link?)

    Note: Personally I prefer having people click on a link rather than open an email. This is because tracking email opens relies on subscribers having images enabled, and some people might read your email but have images turned off – so even though they might read your email, you might not know it.

  2. Come up with a bonus, gift or special offer specifically for those subscribers who take the desired action
  3. Tell subscribers about the bonus/gift/offer/giveaway/etc.
  4. Send the email you want them to act on
  5. After a certain amount of time (whatever you decide), search your list and pick out your winner/s!

Your Ideas On Using This?

Can you see yourself using this tactic? What sort of incentives would you offer?

Share your thoughts below!