How To Build Relationships Via Email: We Talk To Chris Guillebeau

As you probably know, too few businesses use email marketing to build relationships with subscribers. Instead, they focus on getting as many sales as they can before recipients scramble to the unsubscribe link.

While that model might work for a few businesses, it’s certainly not for everyone (nor is it in line with most of the email marketing tips you’ll find on this and other blogs).

Of course, it’s all well and good to talk about the theoretical value of building relationships via email… but is anyone doing it? And if so, how?

Recently, I talked with AWeber customer Chris Guillebeau, who uses email to connect with subscribers, build relationships – and, oh yeah, grow his business while traveling the world.

Watch These Videos From Our Interview

Chris and I talked for a while about:

  • How he “does” email.
  • What he’s learned about email marketing.
  • What mistakes he’s made (and how he recovered from them).
  • How much (if at all) other businesses “get” relationship building.
  • How he sells products without making subscribers feel he’s being “pushy.”

… and a number of other topics.

We talked for about an hour, but that would be one loooong video… so we broke our discussion up into a handful of shorter videos. You can watch them here:

What About You?

How do you build relationships via email? What have you learned along the way?

Share your thoughts below!