Worried About Reach? Send An Email!

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Are you one of the 82% of marketers concerned about how to reach customers or how effective your reach really is?

Don’t stress. If you’re running an email campaign right now, you have the potential to reach a lot more people than you think. And if you’re not emailing yet? Now’s a great time to start, cause it’ll widen your business’s reach.

Here’s why:

People Like Email Better. Really.

60% of consumers like email better.

With the explosion of social media, you’d think people would rather connect with businesses in their news feeds than clog up their inboxes.

Surprisingly? That’s not true. A study from eMarketer shows that 60% of consumers prefer email newsletters to marketing on social networks.

And it makes sense when you think about it. People use social networks to connect with other people. Advertising feels like a violation of the conversation. An ad on Facebook or Twitter rarely gets perceived as genuine interaction.

The inbox, on the other hand, is starting to feel less sacred. It’s not limited to personal interactions anymore, especially thanks to features like Gmail’s tabs that create inbox space specifically for promotional emails (ie, your newsletter).

Also worth noting: the same eMarketer study shows email is preferred over postal mail, too. Only 20% of consumers would rather get ads in the mail.

More People Use Email

94% of Internet users have an email account.

It’s true. 94% of Internet users are set up with an email account. 61% of the online population are on social networking sites. While you could still call 61% a majority, email has much higher penetration.

That means by using email in tandem with your social media efforts, you increase your reach by 54%. That’s a lot of people you wouldn’t be reaching at all without email!

Need ideas for getting your social media followers onto your mailing list? We’ve got sign up forms you can put right on your business’s Facebook Page, plus automatic tweeting of your newsletter when it gets mailed out.

Your Newsletter Reinforces Your Brand

65% of people say email influences their opinion of a brand.

Do you sell services for other businesses? Then email’s a no-brainer for you. 65% of business-to-business (B2B) consumers say email newsletters leave the biggest impression of a business’s brand. Make a good impression with your email and you can influence some word-of-mouth marketing from customers who trust your brand based on your emails.

Make sure your brand carries through your entire newsletter experience, from your “from” name to your email template.

How Has Email Helped You?

Do you have an email campaign? We’d love to hear your story! How has email increased your own business’s marketing reach? Share your story in the comments.