Email Subscription Saver: Introducing Sign Up Spellcheck!

Sign Up Spellcheck

Typos happen. And when they do, they can stand in the way of growing your email list.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Introducing an awesome new AWeber feature for your sign up forms: Sign Up Spellcheck. No more losing subscribers to typos. We catch typos in email domains as they happen and give your new subscribers the chance to correct them.

Pretty cool, huh? And it means your email list can grow like it should.

82% of the time, people who mis-type their email address correct and resubmit it…

Saving Your Email List, One Typo At A Time

We actually released this feature in July, but wanted to crunch some numbers before we told you how AWesome it is.

Over the past two months, Sign Up Spellcheck detected over 290,000 email typos. More than 214,000 new subscribers selected whether the caught typo was right or wrong, and of those over 177,000 chose the corrected email address and got added to the list.

That means 82% of the time, people who mis-typed their email address corrected and resubmitted it with the right spelling. That’s a lot of people added to our customers’ lists who would have been lost to a simple misspelling.

Who knew typos could have that much impact?

How It Works

Someone visits your site and decides to sign up for your newsletter. But, oh no! They typed their email address wrong!

Not to worry. Sign Up Spellcheck catches the typo right there and offers the chance to change it:

Note that this works for domains (the “” part). Since we don’t know each person’s username, we can’t check spelling there (as much as we’d like to!).

It’s In Your Control Panel, Too

Have you ever had to manually add subscribers to your list? Maybe you met a few people at an event who asked to get added to your list.

Now your own typos won’t get in your way, either. The Add Subscribers page in the control panel works the same way as your site’s sign up form does, catching typos if you make them.

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