Mobile Marketing Just Got Easier: AWeber + Call Loop Team Up

Mobile marketing used to intimidate small businesses.

Too expensive. Too technical. Too invasive for customers. Sound familiar?

Integrating mobile into your marketing plan may not work for every organization, but today the barriers to entry are very low, and smartphone usage is skyrocketing.

So now’s the time to at least test a mobile strategy. Let’s face it, even if your customers aren’t ready for it yet, the experience will prove invaluable later – perhaps sooner than you think. And why wouldn’t you want to try it before your competitors?

Making It Easy To Test The Mobile Waters

Here’s the good news: we’ve teamed up with our friends at Call Loop to make mobile integration simple and cost-effective.

If you’ve used a follow up series, you’re already familiar with the autoresponder concept. So setting up mobile autoresponders for voice and text will be a breeze.

Here’s how it works:

Chomping at the bit to get going? The steps below will walk you through the process (and there’s a special offer for AWeber customers).

6 Quick Steps To Your First Mobile Campaign

Step 1: Get Your Free Call Loop Account

If you don’t have your account yet, sign up here for free – AWeber customers get a special bonus: 50 free Call Loop credits.

Sign Up Free & Get 50 Free Credits

Step 2: Create a Call Loop Group

After you login, create your group. A group could be new subscribers, customers, leads or any group of contacts you wish to store in Call Loop.

Go ahead and enter in the thank you page URL where you would like to send your user to after they opt into your AWeber webform. For example, a user will register on your main website, so the thank you page URL could be “”

Then, enter your custom phone field. This field tells Call Loop where the phone information is coming from. This should match your phone field when creating your AWeber webform. If you are creating a new field we suggest naming it “Phone”.

Step 3: Copy Your Unique URL

This unique URL is tied to this group and will be the “thank you page” URL that AWeber asks for when creating your webforms. Simply copy this and let’s move to step 4.

Step 4: Create an AWeber Webform

Select the list you wish to connect Call Loop to and create or modify an existing webform.

You’ll want to create a new custom field to collect the phone number. Click the create a new field and name it the same as the field you named it in Call Loop. Like above, we called it “Phone” so we’ll enter that here.

Step 5: Modify Your Webform Settings

On this page, select the drop down menu under the “Thank You Page” and choose “Custom Page”. A text box will appear and from here you will paste in the Call Loop URL given to you in this box. Do this same step for “Already Subscribed Page” as well.

Next, click the link “Show Advanced Settings” and click the checkbox to “Pass Form Data”. This will ensure that your subscribers’ information is passed over to Call Loop so we can store them and deliver your messages.

Step 6: Publish Your Webform!

Now, publish your webform and the integration is complete!

As new subscribers opt in with their phone information, they will automatically be stored inside your Call Loop group.

Need To Know More?

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, July 18 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Call Loop CEO & co-founder Chris Brisson and I will discuss how you can integrate SMS text and voice messages to reach more customers, increase response rates and grow your business in new ways. You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s time for mobile marketing and what it means to the longevity of your business
  • 5 proven methods for collecting mobile phone numbers
  • How to create SMS & voice message follow ups for automated communication

We’ll also explore real scenarios and results, look at ideas you can use right away to test the waters and answer your questions in a live Q&A session. Plus, all attendees will receive an “AWeber + Call Loop Getting Started Guide” (PDF).

Reserve your spot and learn how to get started with mobile marketing!

What’s Next?

You’re ready to go mobile. From here you can create unlimited follow ups (just like AWeber) to send immediate SMS text or voice messages coordinated with your email sequences.

And remember to join our Getting Started webinar on Wednesday, July 18 at 2:00 p.m. EDT for all of the tools and tips you need to launch your mobile marketing experiments!