New App: Long-Term Income With Membership Sites

Today we’re excited to announce a new integration with MemberMouse that lets you auto-sync a membership site with an email campaign.

With MemberMouse, you can create a members-only area to your website and stock it with high-quality content. By charging for entrance to this area, you’re able to bring in profits over time.

The Membership Site Model

Through your web site, your brand is building a community of followers. You’re courting them with blog posts and emails, establishing their staunch devotion to your brand.

There will come a time – and perhaps you’ve already reached this point – when your followers will be devoted enough to your brand to be willing to pay for the content you provide for them.

What kind of content constitutes will they be willing to pay for? Basically, valuable information that you wouldn’t want your competitors to know because in the right hands, it promises success. Trade secrets. In-depth tutorials to up-and-coming processes. Complex training manuals on in-demand topics. Class materials, accompanied by direct assistance from yourself.

Now, you can easily provide all of your materials on the WordPress site you set up with MemberMouse, but stopping there could be a mistake. Send emails to your members, and you’ll be able to provide much fancier memberships.

What Can I Do With An Email-Membership Site Combo?

Once you’ve set up the MemberMouse-AWeber combination (following these instructions), you’ll be able to:

Deliver Your Materials Over Time

By sending out materials, lessons, articles or videos over time through a follow up email series, you space out the membership experience. Not only does this give your members time to digest each piece of information you’re providing, it also increases their appreciation – every time they receive content from you, the value of the membership they purchased goes up.

To make it happen, MemberMouse keeps track of how long someone’s been a member, then conveys that information to AWeber.

Sell Content With A Click

Even though your members will be paying you already, you might have some premium content not included in the membership, or perhaps a membership on a different topic, to offer.

You can set up this content in MemberMouse so members can purchase it simply by clicking a link, since you already have their payment details on record.

You can even sell this content to the rest of your email subscribers who aren’t members by offering them the same link. They’ll just need to fill in their payment information at that point.

Target Different Membership Levels

If you set up your site with different levels of membership, you can send each level its own emails. For example, you could run a free trial group and email them with calls to purchase full membership, while sending your full membership group entirely different messages. You can even create a coupon in MemberMouse and send it straight to selected groups.

Keep Track Of Your Members’ Purchases

MemberMouse keeps track of purchases your members make and reports that information in your AWeber email account.

With this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to segment your subscribers into groups of who’s never purchased from you, who has and what they’ve bought, then send each group the offers that make sense for them.

Manage Paid Subscriptions

Not only can you charge for access to your site, you can also charge for your emails themselves.

Most likely, you’d use this option if you can provide your valuable materials in the emails themselves without pushing members back to the main site to receive them.

There’s no need to set up a 3rd-party shopping cart; just link your AWeber emails with your MemberMouse membership.

All Of That, And It’s Easy To Run

With everything this combo can do, there’s no need to manually manage lists, exporting and importing CSV files to sync your emails with your membership site.

Just set up the MemberMouse-AWeber app and as members signup, change their membership level or cancel they’ll automatically be added or moved or deleted from the appropriate mailing list. It’s that simple!

Get started with MemberMouse by signing up for the free 15-day trial. If you don’t have an AWeber account, you can get yours here for just $1 for the first month. Then, set up the MemberMouse/AWeber app by following these instructions.