How To Sell A Service With Follow Ups

Have you heard about how follow up autoresponders are a great way to sell chocolate?

In fact, they’re a great way to sell pretty much anything: shoes, books, even life experience.

The team at CareerShifters knows this. Each member has experienced career change, and they’ve turned that experience into a business.

And as Creative Director Neil Collman explains, “Using a follow-up series was the simplest way to build a relationship with visitors and demonstrate the value we can offer them.”

See how for yourself…

How They Build Relationships:

Changing careers is a big deal. It requires much planning and a (potentially scary) leap of faith. To guide their subscribers through the process gently, CareerShifters:

Welcomes subscribers into the group

“It’s Sab here from the Careershifters Team and I’m delighted to welcome you to our ever-growing community of career changers.”


Includes action items so readers can follow along

“ACTION: Take a moment to really get clear on what’s at stake if you do not make a career shift and what’s possible if you do. Then write it down.”


Provides something to look forward to in the next email

“Next time we’ll show you how to use your imagination to start building up a picture of the kind of career that will suit you best using the answers to today’s 5 key questions.”


Keeps it real by showcasing their cultural quirks

“Until then, make a strong cup of tea and have a proper sit down to work out how you could make a career change and still pay the bills!”


How They Make Sales

CareerShifters’ series promotes just one product, the CareerShifters guide. And they do this only once or twice per email. Otherwise, they’d go from pleasantly provisional to pushy. Their series:

Gives out bits for free to demonstrate the value of the whole

“Here are a couple more of my favourite exercises from the “Go Career Shopping” Chapter of The Careershifters Guide.”


Confirms that it’ll work for you with testimonials

“P.S. The Careershifters Guide really works, but we would say that wouldn’t we! So don’t just take our word for it — read what other people have said about it.”


Offers something that’s only exclusive to subscribers

“For a limited time only, we’re offering all our new newsletter subscribers 3 FREE exclusive bonus downloads with a purchase of the Careershifters Guide at the current discount rate of 19 pounds (normal price 25 pounds).”


Encourages forwarding (but respectfully, only when relevant)

“P.P.S. Don’t keep these Top Tips to yourself — if you know of anyone wanting to change careers then feel free to forward this email to them.”


And it’s working. People who go through Careershifters’ follow up course are more engaged when they click through to the site.

“Over the past 6 months,” Neil reports,”the bounce rate for these visitors is lower and the time spent on the site is higher than for our fortnightly newsletters.”

Your Own Series: Before and After

Your follow up series can have impressive impact on its own, but it can’t do all the work. You’ll need to introduce it to people in the first place. And you should stick around after it’s over. Here’s how:

At sign-up: Keep your opt-in form descriptive and clear. This is your chance to explain what new subscribers can expect to happen.

In your welcome email: Give subscribers something to look forward to. Explain the kind of content you’ll send, how often and how it will help them.

After the series: Keep in contact with broadcasts. Subscribers who weren’t ready to purchase during your series may want to eventually.

Of course, some people will be getting the follow-ups and broadcasts at the same time. Arrange your frequency accordingly so you don’t overwhelm them.

What Follow Ups Can You Offer?

What kind of product are you marketing? And what kind of information goes along with it?

What are your customers and prospects wondering about that you already know backwards and forwards?

Can you turn that into a follow up series?