Confused Readers? Try This Easy Fix

At the beginning of your email marketing campaign, you spent hours carefully crafting each message, tweaking every detail. You pressed the “send” button with pride, and your subscribers were impressed with your valuable ideas.

Except the ones who deleted your emails or saved them “for later”. And the ones who hadn’t signed up yet.

Now, when you mention those ideas in new emails, confusion builds for those subscribers. Link back to your original explanation, and that confusion crumbles.

Creating those links is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with AWeber’s broadcast archive. Read on to find out how.

3 Steps to Clear the Confusion

Click Syndicate

Start at the broadcast editing page. Scroll down to “Syndicate”. If you haven’t checked this box, you’ll need to now. This creates the web version of your broadcast.

Grab Link

The “My Web Archive” link displays a list of links to all your broadcasts. Copy the “Direct Link” to share the single broadcast you’re working with.

Insert Link

In the new message you’re composing, highlight a few words that best describe the concept you’re linking to. Use the “Insert/Edit Hyperlink” tool to create the link.

With these links in place, clueless or confused subscribers can simply click, and your old emails will tell them all they need to know.

How do You Keep Subscribers on the Same Page?

Are you sensitive to the gap between how much your new subscribers and your veteran subscribers know?

Have you tried linking back to previous broadcasts in you new messages or follow-ups? Does it seem to have an effect?

Do you have other ways of keeping subscribers on the same page? If you do, we’d like to hear about them!