Email + Video: A Dynamic Duo for Blockbuster List Growth

Online video is one of the hottest channels for small business marketers today.

Cost of entry is minimal. Traffic and viewership are booming with smartphones and tablets, driven by social media and email sharing.

The nagging question? Conversion.

How do you stay connected with viewers — and get them to opt in — once the clip ends?

Convert Your Videos, Convert More Viewers

Now there’s an easy way to entice viewers to join your email list, thanks to our friends at Viewbix.

Viewbix lets you turn your videos into list-building tools by integrating email opt-ins, social sharing and calls to action within the video frame.

And with the new AWeber-Viewbix app, viewers can join your email list right from the video player.

By adding these calls to action and opt-in features to your video player, you can reduce the number of viewers that simply click away when the clip is done, never to be seen again.

Plus, because the AWeber-Viewbix integration gives you detailed analytics, it also allows you to pinpoint what is (or isn’t) working with your video content and calls to action.

Want to see how it works? Here’s a quick overview (and live example):

Best of all, the interface is so simple, you can use this app to add AWeber sign-ups to your videos in minutes — or use the batch editing feature to enhance a bunch of videos at once with email opt-in tabs and special offers.

Combine engaging video content with compelling opt-in offers and you’ve got a blockbuster approach to list-building.

Get Started With Our Free Webinar

Whether you already have videos to test this with, or you have questions about where to start, we want to help you get going.

Join me and Viewbix CEO Jonathan Stefansky for a live one-hour webinar, Grow Your Lists With Video: Getting Started With the AWeber-Viewbix App.

In this free, interactive session we’ll discuss:

  • Why you should be using video to help build your email lists
  • How marketers are already using this successfully, and
  • How to use video analytics and A/B testing to maximize your results with video

You’ll see how easy is to set up the AWeber-Viewbix app, and we’ll answer your questions with a live Q&A session.

Click here to reserve your spot and join us on Tuesday, August 7 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.