Using Email to Grow a Community: AWeber Talks to User Ramit Sethi

Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with AWeber customer Ramit Sethi and talk about how he’s using email marketing to market his business.

Ramit writes about personal finance at and uses email to market that site, his book and other products.

We talked at length about topics that many of you may have questions about when creating, managing and optimizing an email campaign. Today, with a little help from our YouTube channel, we’re going to share those with you.

Using Email Marketing to Grow a Community

In this video, Ramit shares how he:

  • Uses email to grow/nurture his community
  • Measures success
  • Values feedback
  • Handles the volume of incoming email and why he believes in being accessible (and doesn’t use a do not reply address)

Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

In this video, Ramit shares:

  • How he started email marketing
  • How often he sent emails to subscribers
  • What he put in his emails
  • How many autoresponders he’s sending

More Videos Now At Our YouTube Channel (And More Coming Soon!)

For a couple more clips from our interview with Ramit, head over to our YouTube channel.

There, you’ll find videos on:

  1. How he increased his open rate by 50% in 7 days
  2. How he got traffic to his site before email (what he did to get people there in the first place so he could start building his list)

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