Make AWesome Contact Forms with Gravity Forms and AWeber

As you probably know, AWeber offers an excellent web form generator, great for giving potential subscribers a place to sign up to your mailing list. We even have a WordPress plugin to help you get those forms on your WordPress site.

Remember though, our forms are used to help people subscribe to a mailing list – they’re not ideal for use as contact forms, or for collecting content submissions like testimonials or images.

The good news: there are tools out there that can help you build these kinds of forms.

The better news: you can build your list at the same time.

Gravity Forms recently added support for AWeber using the API.

Engage Your Visitors…

Gravity Forms is a tool specifically designed to help users quickly and easily install powerful contact forms on their WordPress sites.

They’ve got a ton of unique features you can use to hear from visitors, ranging from support for forms with multiple pages to forms that let people create guest posts for you.

They’ve even got the ability to make your forms only visible for a limited time or number of entries: perfect for running a contest or webinar with limited attendance numbers.

…Then Get Them On Your List

While not everyone filling out a contact form wants to join your mailing list, some of them probably do. So why not give them the option to sign up? Gravity Forms now supports an AWeber integration, enabling visitors who fill out your contact form to choose to sign up for your mailing list as well.

If you already have a Business or Developer license with Gravity Forms, head over to their website to install the add-on. Setup instructions are available on their site as well.

Have the Last Word

How will you use this app to create better contact forms and build your list at the same time?

If you’re already using this add-on with Gravity Forms, how have you used it? Post your comments, questions, and anecdotes below.