The Free Images You’ve Been Searching For

If you don’t have a designer, it might be hard to get that sweet look you want for your emails, blog and website. We’re going to make it easier for you today, with some links to free images you can use in your design.

Smashing Magazine is a site for professional web designers and developers. Here’s what they say about the free images they offer: “We love to release freebies. Every release helps to make the Web a nicer place, which is why we support designers and challenge them to release something for free in order to be featured on Smashing Magazine. And the results are quite often pretty impressive.”

Here are some of our favorite freebies from their site…

Your One-Stop Resource For Images and Social Icons

Social Media Hearts

Want to ask for some social media love in a fun way? Try some hearts! This set contains icons for 22 different platforms.

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Fun For Foodies

Does your business have to do with food? These social media icons shaped as cakes and popsicles can be a tasty addition to your design.

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Something For Everybody

This collection offers a wide range of images, and not just social media icons. This set includes stock food images and general purpose images.

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Be Ready This Christmas

If you want to make your holiday emails more festive this year, these images are for you. From traditional to comical, you’ll find something to deck your emails with.

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Some Social Media Booze

These social media icons come served up in wine or beer glasses. There are 12 different icons in this set, perfect for anyone in the entertainment industry or if you have something to celebrate.

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More All-Purpose Sets

This is another set that has something for everyone. If you’re in music or gambling, there are sets specific to you as well. You can also find some more creative social media icons.

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Artsy Fillers For Artists

If you’re in the arts, this set probably has something from you in this 34-image set. Images for painters, photographers, filmmakers and writers are a sample of what’s included.

Where to Look

Some Fun and Animals

Want to break from the norm? This article shares images perfect for that. You’ve got some wildly cute animals, The Simpsons and other fun creations. There are also some of the usual all-purpose stock choices.

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Cute Twitter Birds

You may have seen these blue birds hanging around another website. Adorable and popular, here are 12 images to encourage your audience to follow you or spread the world around you on Twitter.

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Where Do You Get Your Images?

Do you take your own photographs? Hire a professional? Or do you have a great resource others can check out for free images? Let us know in the comments.