Deck Out Your Email Campaign – 5 Free Holiday Templates

Gift giving is a big part of the holiday season. And in that spirit, we have some free gifts to dress up your email campaign for the season.

Our design intern Bethany has been as busy as an elf, creating new holiday email templates to make your campaigns festive.

Look for them in your AWeber account, or if you don’t have AWeber, check the bottom of this post for your gift. Happy holidays from AWeber!

Merry Holiday Templates

Here’s what Bethany has to say about this year’s holiday email templates:

Christmas Collage

“This was the first holiday template I made, inspired by a handmade Christmas card.

On the bottom, cotton “snow” provides a base for three evergreen trees which are decorated with contrasting red buttons. This template would be great for a variety of content and can accommodate wider images without breaking the design.”

Ways To Use This Template

“Christmas Collage” is perfect for sending a simple holiday greeting to your readers. And it stretches for wider images, so use this template if you have a bigger image to send and want to add a seasonal touch to your campaign.


“In this template, Santa and his 9 reindeer arc across the sky in front of a full moon over a chilly Arctic landscape. Blue snowflakes overlay the white shapes of the moon and trees, adding a fun pattern to the scene.

If you look closely you will also notice Rudolph’s red nose faintly glowing, lighting the way for Santa’s sleigh.”

Ways To Use This Template

The “Merry Christmas” image is replaceable in the drag-and-drop message editor. Remove the image and replace it with another of the same size.


“When I was younger, my sister and I would decorate gingerbread houses in December. Now that she’s grown up and married, I had to channel my creativity into a digital version.

This design captures the brightness and fun of the holidays. Colorful candy drops are stuck on with tasty icing, and candy canes spiral up the left and right to frame the content of your email.

A line of piped icing acts as a divider you can duplicate to separate your articles. It’s perfect for a cheery winter newsletter or announcement.”

Ways To Use This Template

You can pack a lot of articles into this template – it stretches vertically and the candy cane pattern repeats for a seamless look. Plus, the icing divider adds visual separation between your newsletter articles.



Snowspin is our first animated email template! The spinning snowflakes add a subtle, eye-catching design.

“I designed this template to look good as it is or with an additional sidebar you can add in the message editor,” says Bethany, and the “Happy Holidays” text is easily replaceable. “Keep your eyes open for more animated templates in the future!”

Ways To Use This Template

The subtle animation in the header brings attention to your headline. This is a great template to add a sidebar to, with a table of contents for your newsletter or important information about your holiday business hours.


“Just like its name, “Present” resembles a gift, wrapped in Christmas paper and tied up with a neat little bow. The “Merry Christmas” headline is fully customizable, allowing you to change the message or add more content above the bow.

I like this template because it gives a classy holiday look without being overpowering. It’s for emails that need a subtle holiday touch.”

Ways To Use This Template

Corporate holiday greetings need a sophisticated touch. This is the perfect template to dress up your message for the holidays without overwhelming readers with glitz and glitter.

Our “Present” To You!

In the spirit of holiday giving, we’re releasing “Present” as a free template download so you can use it anywhere even if you don’t have an AWeber account. Download your free template below, and AWeber users, look for all our featured templates in your account.

Happy holidays from our business to yours!

Download “Present”

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  1. Loving these holiday templates! Thank you!!

    12/6/2012 2:50 pm
  2. I love these Christmas templates great Idea. Thanks

    12/6/2012 4:05 pm
  3. Fabulous!! Can we have animated templates year-round please?? ;-))
    An Aweber new year’s wish!

    12/6/2012 5:12 pm
  4. I think now a days even small business are motivation themselves to use these kind of templates rather then writing on those old hand written templates !

    12/7/2012 4:07 am
  5. The Rudolph template is my favorite. Reminds me of elementary school where people used to call me “Rudolph Magwood” lol.

    12/7/2012 5:22 am
  6. John

    Hey guys, I downloaded the file and extracted it but couldn’t get at the templates. Did you all have much success?


    12/7/2012 7:33 pm
  7. Scott Rheinhart

    Is the Rudolph and snow spin one of the five FREE templates you offer in the headline?

    12/9/2012 8:21 am
  8. re:Look for them in your AWeber account…

    I’ve looked all over my account, any hints about where to find the templates.

    12/9/2012 1:29 pm
  9. Scott – Rudolph and Snowspin are both available in AWeber’s message editor for our customers. Present is available for everyone to download – just click on the “Download” button at the end of the post.

    James – You can find the new holiday templates in the drag-and-drop message editor for both follow ups and broadcasts.

    12/10/2012 8:02 am
  10. John – When you unzip the folder, you should see an HTML file and a folder of images for the template. Upload the images to your site, copy and paste the HTML into whatever message editor you’re using, and insert the the links for the images you uploaded in the appropriate places in the template’s HTML code.

    12/10/2012 9:40 am
  11. Rebekah,
    I checked in both follow-up and broadcasts message areas. Only thing that looked related to templates was, “Email Template Manager.” Only thing there is a button to create new template.

    Tried, “Help” “”

    The only thing there, is links to non-existent URL’s. I guess that I’m just looking in all the wrong places…


    12/10/2012 2:49 pm
  12. Hi James,
    I apologize if I wasn’t clear enough before. Click on the “New HTML Message” button in the broadcast or followup section. That will open the drag-and-drop message editor. The templates are located in the actual message editor itself.

    Here’s a Knowledge Base article with step-by-step instructions that will show you exactly where to click in the message editor to see and load the templates:

    I hope that helps to clear things up!

    12/10/2012 2:57 pm
  13. Hey Rebekah,
    I’ve tried to open the HTML file in notepad, wordpad, word, and even internet explorer, but I just can’t get to the coding for present. Any suggestions?

    12/21/2012 1:32 pm