Fall 2013 Marketing Trend Report

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A new season means new design and fashion trends to look out for.

The same goes for your marketing. Plenty of industries get seasonal trend reports and you should, too!

As a follow-up to our Spring 2013 Trend Report, here’s our outlook for the fall:

Mix & Match Style

mix and match patterns

Fall design and fashion trends are all about bold, colorful palettes. And that includes prints and patterns.

Pair florals with leopard print, or chevron with polka dots and houndstooth. It’s all about combining styles that might clash, but end up working in harmony to create visual interest.

In Your Emails: Do you stick to solid colors in your emails? Mix it up with a patterned header or even a subtle background design!

For Your Business: Run some split tests on your site to hone your perfect brand voice. (You’re mixing and matching style by keeping some elements the same while changing others to test.)

Off-The-Clock Extra: A graphic sweatshirt paired with a floral skirt.

Bold Color & Rich Jewel Tone

Color-lovers, rejoice! Bold, bright colors are totally in this fall.

Pantone released 2013′s official fall color palate, and it’s a canvas of deep, rich jewel tones.

Graphic designers are jumping on the color wagon too, as a feature of the simple, minimalist flat design that’s trending in apps and on websites right now.

In Your Emails: Ditch your neutrals and pastels for an impactful punch of color – or take a subtler approach and make your call-to-action links pop instead.

For Your Business: Go bold by dipping your toes into a new marketing channel you haven’t tried before.

Off-The-Clock Extra: A fresh coat of paint or bright throw pillows for your office/workspace.


mobile-friendly email design

As mobile use evolves, we’re seeing an up-tick in mobile-conscious design.

The biggest mobile design look campaigns are putting on? Finger-friendly clickable product squares, big call-to-action buttons and larger text (for easy reading on small screens).

Product blocks (like in the email to the right) let you add in visuals of your products while keeping a slim email profile perfect for small mobile screens.

Plus, the refreshed mobile design trend is easier for fingers to tap on than tiny links or even buttons.

In Your Emails: Use a template that’s no wider than 600 pixels so it fits on most smartphone screens without making your readers scroll sideways.

For Your Business: Go mobile-friendly by getting on Foursquare and offering check-in deals. Also think about creating your own mobile app.

Off-The-Clock Extra: These top mobile games for taking a well-deserved break.

Modern Retro

modern retro

The vintage-retro look has lived through a few seasons already, but this fall it’s all about clean, minimalist design.

It’s 1960′s chic with a modern facelift.

In Your Emails: Mix clean design with a sleek, modern font to capture the updated retro look.

For Your Business: Visit the past by highlighting your business’s history on your site, your blog, print materials, whatever.

Off-The-Clock Extra: Catch up on the last 6 seasons of Mad Men.

What Trend Will You Try On?

Are bold colors or mixed patterns more your style? Which fall trend do you find most inspiring for your email campaign?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Modern Retro is the new black and what works best in fall is to keep minimal and plain look. Great report.

    9/5/2013 11:41 am
  2. How about clean flat? Is that actually loved by people or it just a trend?

    9/6/2013 7:13 am
  3. “Mix & Match Style” is my favorite. So warm and inviting. Customizing a campaign around this trend should definitely boost response.

    9/7/2013 8:34 pm
  4. I agree, ‘mix and match’ style is super awesome. Marketing is very necessary to make people know about your products. It should be according to the market trends and the customers. Marketing through internet, mails etc has become common and effective way these days. :)

    9/23/2013 4:05 am