Facebook Deals: A Good Deal for Email Marketers

Have you heard the news? Facebook will soon offer a service called Facebook Deals. What is it? If Facebook and Groupon had a love child, Facebook Deals is how you’d describe it.

We already know that social media and email marketing work well together, so we’re very excited to see how well Facebook Deals ties into this.

Want to know why this is something you should be excited about for your campaign?


Facebook Deals in a Nutshell

Facebook Deals is currently (as of July 2011) only available in Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and Austin. You can sign up to be alerted when it’s available near you.

It works like this: Facebook users will be able to search for deals in their area, and your company page will have a “Deals” section that followers can check out. They can purchase whatever your deal is right on Facebook, share it and/or “like” it.

Here’s how it will look:

But how is this a good deal for email marketers?

Good Deal: More Content

Notify your subscribers about deals

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Facebook Deals is that you’ll have great messages to send to your subscribers that announce your deals. You don’t know if your subscribers rely on your Facebook page or emails to get your company news, but you shouldn’t leave them out when it comes to Facebook Deals.

Here’s an idea of what it can look like:

Subscribers that have already seen your deal on Facebook will be reminded to take advantage of it, while others will be glad to know they should check it out.

Good Deal: A Deals Archive

Allow others to see previous deals you’ve offered

On Facebook, your deals are set to expire after the time period you set. Once the deal expires, you can set up a new one, but maybe your subscribers would like to know the types of deals you’ve offered in the past.

Enter the archive.

Whenever you send a broadcast message announcing a new deal, you can publish it to the archive. You can then share the link to this archive with others, allowing them to see what was offered before:

Seeing the kind of deals you offer just may be the push someone needs to sign up. It can also be a resource for you to look back on to see what you already used and what got the most attention.

Good Deal: List Building

Get a form up!

If your deals are bringing your page more traffic, you want to make sure visitors have the opportunity to join your mailing list.

Entice subscribers by letting them know you’ll update them when the next deal is available, and this is also a great place for you to include that archive of deals.

The AWeber Facebook App makes it easy to get your form up, so don’t lose out on potential subscribers.

Encourage sharing with others

Facebook is all about social networking, so encourage your subscribers to socialize and spread the word. Facebook makes it easy to share Deals, but you also want to include a note in your emails like in our example:

Gain a loyal following

If you consistently share your deals with your email subscribers on a regular basis, you should see more subscribers staying. Deals can help you set expectations for timely, fun discounts your business is currently offering.

Everyone loves a good deal.

How Do You Plan to Integrate Deals with Email Marketing?

Maybe you thought of something we didn’t! What kinds of awesome things do you think you’ll be able to do with Facebook Deals?