Facebook Makes Posts More Shareable With Embedding

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Your Page’s Facebook posts are about to get more shareable.

Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled a plan to let people embed public Facebook posts from users and Pages onto their own websites. So far, only Mashable, CNN, People, Huffington Post and Bleacher Report have access to Facebook’s embed feature.

But Facebook promises access to all users in the coming weeks. Here’s the low-down on how it works and how your business can use it.

How It Works

Facebook’s Developer Blog says users can embed any public posts made by a user or a Page.

To embed a Facebook post, click the arrow on the right and select “Embed Post”:

embed post option

That pulls up a dialog box with the post’s embed code. Copy this code and paste it on the page or blog post where you want it on your site:

embed dialog box

Any images, videos or hashtags in an embedded post are clickable, so your readers can interact with the Facebook content on your site.

That’s How It Works. Now How You Can Use It?

Create News-Worthy Posts

Did something big just happen in your industry? Other blogs may want to pick it up if you post it.

Share news-worthy events in your own company, too. Hosting a food drive for the holidays? Maybe a scholarship for local students? Post anything inspiring your company does that others will want to talk about. Think of your Facebook posts as mini press releases.

Curate Content

When something’s going on, you can make your blog the information hub. Curate important Facebook posts about an event or news story to keep people informed all in one place. Use your email campaign to direct readers to your blog.

Highlight Announcements Your Followers Missed

The average Facebook user has 229 friends. That’s a lot of content displaying in one feed. Some of your followers are bound to miss posts from your Page. By embedding your own Facebook posts on your blog, you can highlight important announcements from your Facebook Page that your followers might have missed.

Added bonus: All embedded posts include a “Like” button for people who aren’t following your Page yet. Wherever your post gets shared, you have the potential to garner more fans for your business.

What Will You Embed?

How will you use Embedded Posts when Facebook releases it to the public? Do you have any ideas we didn’t cover here? Share them with us in the comments!