Email Newsletter Newbies: Keep Calm, AWeber Support Is Strong

lady freaking out

“Help! I’ve just opened an AWeber email account – how do I create my first list? I’m feeling lost and frustrated!”

You’ve certainly come to the right place. Having an AWeber account means you have an entire team of supporters behind you who want you to succeed and grow beyond all expectations. So take a deep breath and keep calm; you have a support team that’s strong.

You Have Many Support Options

First things first. Get familiar with all the resources AWeber has for you to help you run a successful email marketing business with great ease.

We understand that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to learning styles and busy schedules. That’s why we offer a variety of ways for your to get more comfortable with your AWeber account and get the support you need when you need it. Check them out here.

Choose The Help You Need

If you are brand new to email marketing, you may be unfamiliar with the e-terminology used in your AWeber account. In this case, it would be a good idea to check out our Knowledge Base first to get familiar with commonly used terms like “list name,” “campaign” and “confirmed opt-in.” This will build your confidence and help you get clear on what to ask about the initial set up of your account.

If you find that reading the Knowledge Base still leaves you scratching your head, you may want to consider watching one of the many tutorials we offer on topics such as creating your first follow up or broadcast. These tutorials are great resources to tap into during your down time.

If you have any questions at this point and you are beginning to lose your calm, then it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call. We understand that everyone has a different style of learning. That’s just one of the reasons we offer live phone support Monday through Fridays, 8am to 8pm (ET).

In addition to phone support, you can reach us through live chat and email. We want you to know that we are here to help, troubleshoot and provide advice on how to run a successful email campaign.

Go ahead: email us, chat us, call us, look up “how to”s in the Knowledge Base, view a tutorial or attend a webinar.

If you have questions, we have answers. So before you spend any energy on frustration, keep calm, because we want to help you leave the stress behind.