Drag It. Drop It. Done. The New Follow Up Editor Is Here

Follow ups are a marketing tool not to be taken lightly. Originally built to take pressure off salesmen following up on their leads, their power lies in slowly selling your brand over time.

To sell effectively, they’ve got to look good, which is easy now that the block editor, an easy email creation tool, is now available for both follow ups (autoresponders) and broadcasts.

If you’ve been using the broadcast editor, it’s basically the same, with a different method for scheduling the messages:

Scheduling With Send Windows

With the broadcast editor, you choose the exact date and time your message goes out. With the new follow up editor, each subscriber gets the messages based on when they sign up, but you are able to choose windows of time they get those messages.

For example, if you want your emails to arrive when your subscribers stop for lunch, you can set those windows. If you want emails to go out only on Sundays, you can make that happen. Any routine you’re trying to establish with your subscribers can be reinforced by scheduling your follow ups.

To set your send windows, just use the handy calculator on the editor’s Step 2: Settings, like this:

The block editor supports UTF8 characters, so if you’re typing in another language, you’ll find everything rendering properly in your emails.

See the Editor In Action

Planning to put some shiny new follow ups together? Hit “play” to see just how you’re going to do it.

How Businesses Are Marketing With Follow Ups

Attractive follow ups are important, but they also need good content. If you’re looking for ideas, here’s how some of our customers use them with success:

Do you have any questions about the new editor? Any feedback?

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