Want To Double Your Blog Newsletter Readers? Here’s The First of 4 Tactics That Helped Us

Double Your Blog Newsletter ReadersBloggers: are you taking advantage of every opportunity to get more subscribers?

As you’re no doubt aware, subscribers are an essential element of a successful blog. They read more, comment more and return to your blog more than more passive visitors do.

So it’s in your best interest to encourage people to become subscribers.

One way to do this is by offering an RSS feed. Another way that many successful bloggers advocate, is the blog newsletter.

Well, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, right?

Over the next few posts, we’ll share four tactics we’ve found effective in growing our own blog newsletter. In fact, they’re responsible for over 50% of our blog newsletter subscribers!

Blog Newsletter Grower #1: Offer Subscribe Options At The End of Posts

The idea behind this is that if someone reads to the end of an article (especially if it’s a long/detailed on), s/he must have been particularly interested/impressed with the content.

So why not see if s/he wants more like it?

Additionally, if you’re writing a series of posts on a topic, someone reading an early post in that series may want to be notified when the next post in that series is online.

How Many Readers Can This Get You?

Sample Post at End of FormWe’ve been experimenting with signup forms placed at the end of posts for a while now (example: our recent post on increasing opt-in rates via social proof – click the image at left to see that signup form).

What have we found?

Over 24% of web signups to our blog newsletter come from forms at the end of posts.

And we don’t even do it for every post! In 2+ years and 100+ posts on this blog, we’ve done this only a handful of times. And many of the posts we’ve done it on are nowhere near the main page of the blog anymore, yet the signups keep coming in.

Think of your blog posts like sales letters for your blog, with each new subscriber as a successful conversion.

Your sales letter won’t be effective if you don’t tell people what to do, right?

Ask for the subscribe!

Next Up: The Single Page Of Our Blog That Brings In Over 30% Of Our Subscribers

Adding this page to our blog was almost a no-brainer – so much so that we forgot to do it at first!

But once we did, wow… did it ever start bringing in the subscribers.

I’ll introduce you to that post soon. Until then, try out putting a signup form in your post itself. You might be surprised at the results…

Update: the rest of this series is online – see the “related posts” section at the end of this post!

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