Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck – Advice from the Godfather

Content marketing can get messy. Really messy.

Blog posts. Email Marketing. Social. Webinars. Every quarter brings a next big thing (hello, Pinterest). With so many moving parts, how can you find the time to evolve your content strategy for optimal results?

Churning out content in a variety of channels is the lifeblood of online marketing. But without a framework – if you’re not directly linking your content cycles to your customers’ buying cycles – you’ll never get the best return on your efforts. You need a process with real goals tied to conversion and ROI, not just eyeballs and fans.

With that in mind, we asked Joe Pulizzi, aka the “Godfather of Content Marketing” for a favor: tell us a few ways to get the most out of content marketing.

Wow, did he hit it out of the park. In this conversation, we covered several topics from his new book, Managing Content Marketing, including:

  • How to identify your best niches and become an expert in them.
  • Why you need to pay more attention to your customers’ buying cycle than your sales cycle.
  • How to use customer pain points to create content that gets more traffic and leads.
  • Ways to not just repackage content, but reimagine it and stretch its value for different audiences.
  • Which stats and analytics you need to know (and which ones execs don’t care about).

As a bonus, Joe shares the origins of his orange wardrobe and how it’s become a brand-builder for his businesses. Plus, the video includes a special discount code for Content Marketing World 2012, Sept. 4-6 in Columbus, OH. You can also grab a free copy of the Content Marketing Playbook here.

Got questions or feedback on the video? Share them with us and Joe in the comments.