Bloggers: Google Reader’s Closing, So Get Those Readers On Your Email List

If you’re a blogger, it’s likely people are reading your posts through Google Reader. (Click if you don’t know Reader.)

Google announced Wednesday that Reader’s closing. Which means your RSS followers won’t see your posts anymore.

Email to the rescue!

What’s Email Got To Do With It?

Well, your soon-to-be-ex-Reader followers have 3 options:

1. Stop reading your posts altogether (that would suck).

2. Visit your site whenever they think of it (if they think of it).

3. Subscribe to your emails. Readers who would have dropped off entirely could now see you directly in their inboxes.

(Your readers can also migrate their feeds to Feedly or Flipboard for iPad. This would keep you in contact, but like we always say, “Email over RSS” – an email’s less likely to be missed.)

How To Migrate Your Readers To Email

Send an invitation. In a blog post, of course, since that’s what they see from you. You can write any sort of announcement you like, but you’ll probably want to include certain information:


(Formal invitations aren’t necessary, of course, but we enjoy getting fancy sometimes.)

But For Heaven’s Sake, Don’t Make This Mistake

This invitation’s useful for your Reader readers. It’s not useful for your email subscribers. They’re already on your list.

This post would confuse them (and perhaps make you look (dare we say) silly for asking them to subscribe again.)

Since you are, of course, not silly, you won’t send them this post. If you convert your posts to blog broadcasts, delete this one.

If you have your blog broadcasts auto-send with AWeber, uncheck this box before you publish the post:

After the post converts to email, delete it and re-check the box. Easy as pie.

And Keep It Classy

If your readers sign up for your posts through email, don’t send them your monthly newsletter and Fun Friday Quotes and every other email you send out other subscribers.

That’s a fast track to the spam folder. Just send the posts you promised. (Use a separate list for blog subscribers, if you don’t already.)

You can nicely invite them to another list – maybe they’re all about Friday Fun Quotes. We hope they are.

But remember the motto of the best marketers: “Permission, Love & Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Off you go to let your readers know what’s up!



If You Don’t Send Your Blog Posts As Emails…

You might want to. It’s awfully easy to set up, requires little-to-no maintenance and gets your posts out to infrequent site visitors.
Instructions for setting up a “blog broadcast” are right here.