Need an AWeber Contractor? Try Our oDesk Group

From time to time, people come to us and ask if we offer a “full service” version of AWeber, where we do things for you like set up your account, design a custom email just for you, create and schedule your messages for you and perform other tasks that most of you are probably doing yourselves currently.

While full service isn’t something we offer, there are a lot of people out there who know AWeber pretty well, and are willing to take on some or all of the email marketing tasks you might want to offload to someone else.

In fact, we’ve noticed a number of people soliciting or offering AWeber account management services via their blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook profiles, as well as on various freelancing and outsourcing sites.

AWeber oDesk Group

One freelancing site where we noticed a lot of these being posted is oDesk.

We reached out to the team at oDesk and asked about setting up a place where you could view and post jobs for various tasks related to running an AWeber account. And so the AWeber oDesk group was born.

You Should Join the oDesk Group If…

  1. You want to outsource some tasks related to managing your account.

    You can post a job for someone to:

    • Set up new lists and autoresponders.
    • Design an email template.
    • Write an app that uses our API to integrate with other software that you use.
    • Schedule and send your email newsletters.
    • Create signup forms for you and put them on your site.

  2. You are experienced doing AWeber-related tasks like the ones listed above, and want to help others with their accounts. Register as a contractor with the group and respond to postings.

If you aren’t interested in posting a job or being a contractor, but think some of your colleagues or friends might be, please share this post with them on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!