Announcing the Winners of Our Template Design Contest!

We gave you new drag-and-drop message editors for broadcast and follow up messages. Then we invited graphic designers to create new templates to use in our new editor.

We received several submissions to our email template design contest and we’re ready to reveal the winners! All three winning templates are available both in AWeber accounts (in the email template library) and as HTML code that you can download to use anywhere you’d like.

Without further ado, let’s meet our winning designers and their templates!

Third Place: Scott Braun

Download the HTML

Our third place design comes from Scott Braun of Krazed Kat Creative.

Scott says that this “soothing yet playful” theme “would make a quite attractive newsletter” for a small business to send to their subscribers.

According to Scott, this template’s best feature is “the sense of well being it exhibits” to “invite business with the power of positive.” Give your newsletters a positive spin by downloading the template from the link on the right.

Second Place: Keni Thomas

Download the HTML

Keni Thomas, a graphic designer from Philadelphia, is our second place winner. His template is perfect for a “quick snippet broadcast” with the most vital information up top and links to past content readers may have missed at the bottom.

“The thought process behind this template was to create something that could house many offers or articles in one bite-sized email,” Keni says. A business could announce their current sale at the top, and link to past sales with the buttons included at the bottom.

Grand Prize Winner: Alex Henken

Download the HTML

And the grand prize goes to (drumroll, please…) Alex Henken, who has been coding and designing emails for about 14 years.

Alex’s approach to this template was to keep things simple, modern and versatile. “When I approach a new template design,” he says, “simplicity is always key.” That’s because not all email clients will display a template the same way. The simpler the template and the simpler its coding, the better your message will look across the board. “It was my goal to design the template around very basic HTML principles that I absolutely know will work cross-client, while still boasting a clean and modern aesthetic.”

Alex designed the winning template to fit any business’s content needs, and makes it easy to organize any offers, articles or other content you have. “Regardless of who you are or what your business aims to achieve,” Alex says, “this template is ready to go, requiring very little customization from the end user.” It’s built for fresh, easy design that showcases your important information.

You can find Alex’s template in our template library if you’re using the new message editor. Not an AWeber customer? Don’t worry, you can still get your hands on this template by clicking the download link on the right.

Which One Will You Use?

Which winning template is your favorite? How do you see your own business using these templates? Don’t forget to check out all the other templates available in the new drag-and-drop message editor!

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  1. hey, I was toying with a few templates to use only last week and these will serve as a great addition to the ones in the database no doubt.

    To me, the grand prize winnning template from Alex Henken is my prefered one because it’s clean or has more white space and that makes the images stand out even more.

    I also think I can get away with writting little and punchy content with this template in comparison to the other two which may look empty in comparison. The idea is to get my reader to click through to my offer, more detailed content on my site or elsewhere.

    Thank you for sharing and adding them :)

    5/31/2012 11:23 am
  2. Amazing. Response has definitely increased. Never thought the change of a template would increase response, but it did. Thanks

    5/31/2012 3:45 pm
  3. HI,
    I like the grand prize winner template from Alex Helken.

    6/1/2012 12:34 am
  4. Incredible templates! I will use for sure Grand Prize Winner: Alex Henken — love love it. And thanks for these templates too.

    6/1/2012 11:26 am