The Email Design Strategy That Gets 215% More Clicks

How do you know your emails are performing optimally? Are you happy with the amount of open and click-throughs you are getting?

Truth is, you won’t know if you’re getting the most you can out of your email marketing unless you do some tests. And you might find all you need is a new look that’s more appealing to your audience.

Such was the case for Michael Albany, a local photographer and one of our customers. He started to question the layout and look of his emails, and the change he came up with brought him incredible results. At that point, we decided we had to share his story and provide the tools you need to copy his test. Check it out…

Michael’s Story

Michael sends out a monthly newsletter for those interested in his services and photography in general.

Here’s a look at what they looked like prior to the change:

This design brought good results, but Michael had a feeling he could do better.

Time to Test

The photography business relies on images. With that in mind, Michael was able to make the safe assumption that his audience would like to see images in his emails. So now the question was how could he share his content and links while incorporating more images.

This made him think of Pinterest. The niche networking site is all about using images to share content – exactly what he’s trying to do. And so, the Pinterest-inspired email template was born:

Instead of text links to blog posts, Michael used clickable images to create a fun, image-ful way to interact with his emails.

So What Happened?

The new template payed off: Michael saw click-through rates increase by 215%. On top of that, his open rates are now averaging 100% higher than they were prior to the change.

Michael is continuing to use his new template, and his opens and click-throughs continue to climb.

His audience loved the changes.

Get His Look!

Loved the template he used and want to test something similar on your own campaign? The new message editor makes it easy to drag and drop images wherever you want in your message. Let us know what kind of results you get!