2013: What’s In Store For Small Businesses?

The new year means new prospects for small businesses. 2012 was a profitable year for independent retailers, with a 7.1% growth rate – 2% higher than bigger retail chains.

With a successful 2012 behind them, what’s in store for small businesses in 2013? We asked more than 3,000 owners and entrepreneurs how they felt about the effects of the economy and whether they planned to increase or decrease their marketing presence and spending*.

The answers we got should be encouraging to all small business owners. Running a business is tough. Most of the ones we surveyed have 5 employees or fewer and the owner does the marketing – on top of everything else they do.

But despite the challenges, small business owners plan to increase their marketing and their spending. See what 2013 could have in store for your own operation:

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What Does This Mean For My Business?

2012 brought us new social networks, changes to existing social networks and new mobile preferences for the people you’re trying to reach with your marketing.

While all these other channels are effective – the majority of small business owners plan to increase their brand’s presence on social networks after all – small businesses still find the most value in email marketing.

Tweetable Stats:
85% of small businesses plan to increase email marketing in 2013.
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77% of small businesses say email marketing drives business and sales.
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67% of small businesses will increase their marketing spending in 2013.
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71% of small businesses will blog more in 2013.
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$1 spent on email marketing drives $40 in revenue.
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Why Email Marketing?

It doesn’t take much time – most business owners said they spend between 1 and 3 hours a week on their campaigns. Plus, auto-responding follow ups and drag-and-drop email templates make sending messages quick and easy.

See what else email can do for your business with a $1 trial.

What’s in store for your small business in 2013? Share your own outlook with us in the comments!

*Complete results of survey available here.